The Parish of Mösel: Its Villages, Churches, and People


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by Rev. Joseph Erker, translated by Andrew Witter, edited by Edward Skender and Elfriede Stonitsch. Written between 1928 and 1931, this rich history mentions over 200 Gottscheer family names, along with historical information on the development and settlement of the parish’s 17 villages: Obermösel, Niedermösel, Durnbach, Otterbach, Reintal, Verderb, Verdreng, Oberpockstein, Oberskrill, Unterskrill, Kuchlern, Oberfliegendorf, Unterfliegendorf, Suchenreuther, Schlebe, Gergel, and Wilpen. The publication includes maps, photographs, and index. Postage and shipping included in price.

2007, 82 pages
Item #456, paperback ISBN 1-931509-55-7

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