About GHGA

The purpose and objectives of the organization:

  • Preserve the history, culture, and genealogical records of Gottscheers.
  • Collect oral histories of Gottscheers in print, videotape, or audio cassette.
  • Coordinate research trips to the former area of Gottschee in Slovenia.
  • Support archival activities by locating, purchasing, translating, and archiving important books and articles on the history and culture of Gottschee.
  • Support restoration of Gottscheer cemeteries and other cultural monuments in the former Gottschee county in Slovenia.

GHGA was founded in June 1992 by a group of seventeen subscribers to the newsletter, The Gottschee Tree, when they met in Salt Lake City, Utah for a Gottscheer Western Regional Reunion. In 1993 GHGA was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Colorado. As of September 2005, there are more than 450 members. The Board of Directors is composed of four officers, five elected directors, and two appointed associate directors. The Board meetings are in January (telephone conference) and in June. The annual business meeting of the organization is the last weekend in June.