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Preserving our History

The GHGA was founded in 1992 to preserve the culture, history, and genealogical records of Gottscheers and Gottschee (1330-1941). We invite you to explore the history and images of Gottschee, the surnames, and the genealogical records of Gottscheers on this site.

All persons interested in the objectives of GHGA are welcome to join the organization. See the membership page for membership benefits.

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Gottschee Origins

The former county of Gottschee (today known as Kocevska) is geographically located in the country of Slovenia.

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A Brief History

Gottschee was founded at the end of the 13th century, carved out of the uninhabited mountain forests in what is today the south central part of Slovenia.

The county of Gottschee was colonized in 1300 by the Carinthian counts of Ortenburg with settlers from Carinthia and Tyrol, and by other settlers who came from Austrian and German Dioceses of Salzburg, Brixen, and Freising. The settlers cleared the vacant and heavily forested land and established towns and rural villages…

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