Gottschee 1406-1627, Feudal Domain on the Frontier of Empire


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translated by Andrew J. Witter. Written by Georg Widmer in Vienna, Austria, in 1931 as Urkundliche Beträge zur Geschichte des Gottscheer Landchens 1406-1627(Documentary Excerpts from the History of the Gottschee District) it gives us the original words of the Gottscheer farmer, his lords, and his imperial masters concerning life in the frontier feudal doman of Gottschee. Drawn from original source documents, the book provides an authentic look into the life and government of a feudal domain on a strategic frontier of the Holy Roman, Habsburg, and Austrian Empires, showing the interaction of the subjects, the ruling nobility, and the royal government of the duchy of Carniola. The book contains hundreds of ancient Gottscheer village and family names, ancestors of a distinct German linguistic group that existed there for over 650 years. Included are maps, an index, and a list of the rulers of Gottschee from 1275-1848.

2001, 228 pages, paperback
Item #445, ISBN 1-931509-25-5

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