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Posted 19 November 2020
I am trying to find the ancestry of George Maurin, my grandfather (1863-1942) who immigrated to Wyandotte County, Kansas about 1889 from Austri, Vimol, I believe. He was married to Mary Osterman who died, then Mary Bukovec who came from the village of Vas Decina. Any help appreciated. Contact: John <renewbiz@gmail.com>

Posted 19 November 2020
I am interested in finding anyone who remembers my mother, aunt, uncles and my maternal grandmother. They were born and raised in Pollandl [Gottschee] and settled in Canada in Vancouver. All have passed away; except for Hans Troje, all buried in Mountainview Cemetery in Vancouver. Their names: my grandmother Maria Troje (nee Fink), my mother Anna Troje, married Albin Schneller, my aunt Rosalie Troje and my uncles Hans Troje and Josef Troje. I would be interested in hearing stories from anyone who knew them. I speak and read German. My grandmother taught me some Gottschee. Contact: Jazz Piano <604jazzpiano@gmail.com>

Posted 31 March 2020
I am researching the family of Anthony (Anton) Saletel and Josephine (Josefa) Hoegler Saletel. Anthony’s birth and death dates are 9 January 1863 to 22 May 1933. He was born in Europe and emigrated around the 1880s to Cleveland, Ohio, where he lived the rest of his life. Josephine may or may not have emigrated with him. The 1910 Census reports that they both arrived in 1881; the 1920 Census reports that they arrived in 1888. Their first born (of 11 children) was a daughter, Magdalen, who joined the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine in Cleveland. Her birth date was 14 April 1887 in Austria (this is verified by her personnel file on record at the office of the C.S.A. order. This fact alone leads me to believe the family emigrated after 1887 and definitely not in 1881 as reported in the 1910 Census. Josephine Hoegler Saletel’s vitals are 17 April 1862 birth and 20 August 1935 death in Cleveland. I believe Josephine was born in or near Unterwarmberg. Anthony;s birth place, indeed, his ethnicity is unknown to me.  I noticed in the GHGA surname listing the name Saletel, and so I’m asking for any information on this surname, and on Anthony and Josephine in particular.
Contact Art Kurtz, email: yellowfocus2017@gmail.com

Posted 17 January 2020
Seeking immigration and pre-immigration information for Josefa or Josephine Mauser (Mausser), DOB: 10/7/1893, Komutzen, Gottschee. DOD: 11/24/1968, St. Peter Church, Cleveland, Ohio, Sec 63 Lot 826, Calvary Cemetery.
Father: Johann Mauser (Mauser) 1856-1925. I believe he did NOT immigrate.
Mother: Mary Petche (married name Mary Mauser) 1857-TBD (I believe she past in Gottschee and did NOT immigrate to USA).
Husband: Casper Schneider. They met, married, resided, and died in Cleveland, Ohio.

I am also seeking information for Josephine’s siblings: brother Frank Mauser, sister and brother-in-law Magdalene Koenig (born Magdalene Mauser) and married to Anton Koenig, sister Emma Mauser (born Kren), this could be her sister-in-law.
Please contact schneidw@gmail.com to share information

Posted 6 August 2019
Maria Vogrin found! Ancestry: Josef Vogrin b. 27 Feb. 1838, Preriegel 16, Gottschee, Austria; m. Anna Konstantia Schonfelder/Shoenfeld, b. 10 March 1841, Gottesgab, Czech Republic. They had 4 children: Emelia (1873-1873), Anna Justina Alexandra, b. 1874, entered convent, age 24; Josef (1877-1877), and Maria Anna Mathilda Vogrin, born 27 November, 1882 Gottesgab, Czech Republic, died abt. April 1959, Vienna, Austria.
Please contact: ana.inglis@me.com to share information. GEDmatch M215472.

Posted 26 July 2019
Looking for Maria Vogrin born 27 November 1882 Unterdeutscheu, had one sibling (nun in convent).
Please contact ana.inglis@me.com to share information. GEDmatch M215472.

Posted 19 February 2019
I am looking for further information about my greatfathers family from Hornberg. His name was Johann Jonke. Johann Jonke b. 4.11.1880 in Hornberg, died 3.8.2000, Wien, Austria. I have a good part of the family tree. Is there any further information about elder ancestors, their jobs, their dying days and dying spot available? What can I do to find out more?  Contact Andreas Jonke <Andreas.Jonke@gmx.at>

Posted 25 January 2019
I am trying to find information o my grandfather, John Glotz who immigrated from Merleinsrauth, Krain, which I believe was a part of Gottschee, in 1897 arriving through the port of Baltimore MD on September 11, 1897. Any help is appreciated.
contact Donna Glotz Blough <donna.blough01@aol.com>

Posted 25 January 2019
I am looking for information on the last name Schurga. I believe my family last name was changed to Schurga from Zurga and we are from the Gottschee area. My grandfathers’ grandfather is John Schurga (or Johann Zurga) and he was born in 1875ish at the time was Austria. If my research is correct his parents were Frank Schurga (maybe Franz Zurga) and Maria Schurga (Rapinz or Rapintz). I am looking for information on my grandfather’s grandfather, and any siblings he mayt have had, as well as their parents, Frank and Maria. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Contact Chase Schurga <chasebschurga@gmail.com>

Posted 20 October 2018
I am searching for information related to an Anton Bogolin who died in 1878 in Slovenia. I do not have any other information other than he may have been born around 1855 and possibly married in 1878. His wife was Ana Skoflanc and they had one son together also named Anton. I do know for sure that the elder Anton died sometimes in 1878 before his son was born. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kelly Sandoval <kellysandoval@comcast.net>

Posted 20 October 2018
I am looking for information on my 2nd great-grandfather and his family. Mattjas Stefanc (now Mathias Stephanz) b. 11 November 1867, Stari Trg ob Kolpi. He married Marija Svegelj (now Swegel) b. 19 November 1867, Stari Trg ob Kolpi, 10 June 1893, in Kansas City, Kansas. His parents were Matijas Stefanc, b. 17 September 1845, Stari Trg ob Kolpi and Marija Fugina, b. 1 Jan 1844, Stari Trg ob Kolpi. They were married in the parish church of St. Jozef in 1864-6. This Matijas’ parents were Matijas Stefanc, b. 6 October 1818, Stari Trg ob Kolpi and Margaretha Sutej, b. 4 January 1818. Marija Fugina’s parents were Jozef Fugina, b. 1799 and Marija Bauer, b. 1 March 1814. I have Marija’s siblings birth dates, but that is it, except for Peter who came to Colorado. Any help in getting farther in my tree is appreciated. Marlee L. Logan <marlogan68@outlook.com>

Posted 13 October 2018
I am looking for information about my ancestors and relatives from Unterbuchberg near Nesseltal. The Flack family lived there in house number 5. My grandfather was Reinhold Flack, born in 1926. He had a brother named Josef and their father and mother were Ferdinand Flack and Theresia (born Kump). Theresia died very early and Ferdinand married a new wife. Then happened the resettlement, and after the second world war my grandfather Reinhold came after he was a prisoner of war in Italy, to Germany in 1947. He started his new life and built a new huge family. I’m part of it. If you have any information about my ancestors or relatives even if they are small, please contact me, thank you. Martin: <mar_hofmann@web.de>

Posted 13 October 2018
I am searching for descendants (in USA) that link to my family tree of Gottscheers. I know of the following (deceased) relatives that lived in U.S.A. Magdalena Schleimer, b. Feb. 8, 1856, married Georg Erker, b. June 1, 1854, both from Windischdorf immigrated to USA. They had 5 children but only Franz immigrated to USA. He died in Teanedk, NJ in 1968.
Maria Schleimer, b. Feb. 26, 1862 at Windischdorf #19, married Alois Bartelme, b. May 28, 1855 at Mitterdorf #45 immigrated to USA. They ha at least 7 children: Johannes, Joseph, Emma, Heinrich, Edward, Frank and George. They lived in Cleveland, Ohio.
Josefa Schleimer, b. May 23, 1871, married Johann Kraker, b. December 6, 1863 in Oberwarmberg, immigrated to USA. They had at least 6 children: Frank William married Phyllis Emma Ballard, Johann Frederick m. Emma H. Blaich (haveinformation about descendants), Pauline, Mary, Joseph, and Louis. They lived inCleveland, OH.
Contact Gert Kampfer at tregregis@comcast.net

Posted 8 May 2018
I am looking for records on my great-grandmother, Johanna Kramer, born in 1886 to father, John Kramer (born 1860) and mother, Mary Rosel (Russel) born 1866. She immigrated into U.S. around 1899 at age 13 or 14. My records on Ancestry and limited family history indicates Johanna is Slovenian, however the archives in Ljubljana cannot locate her. Can anyone assist me? Thank you.
Contact: Stacia King Sakya <staciakingsakya@gmail.com>

Posted 8 May 2018
I am looking into information on my grandmother Paulina Stampfel. The information I have so far is that she was from Grintavca (this is according to her marriage record in 1915 to Tomo Spehar). I was told that this is actually Grintavec. She was born May 5, 1891. Her parent’s names were Joseph and Mary Stampfel. She immigrated to the United States approx. 1910.
Contact Donna Rector <donna_rector@hotmail.com>

Posted 9 March 2018
I am looking for information on my grandparents families: Joseph Pirstl, b. 1893 and Mary Grunseich, b. 1894. Any information is appreciated. Contact Mary Ann Troc: mtroc@sbcglobal.net

Posted 20 February 2018
I am looking for the descendants of the Kump family…Eddie, Willi, Alma and Irma, who lived in Unterbuchberg. Irma settled in Austria and Eddie, Willi and Alma (now Kropf), settled in the Toronto area. It is regarding an interesting family matter from a long time ago. Please contact Bill <hort999@shaw.ca>

Posted 11 September 2017
I am looking for my Grandmother’s Gottscheer roots. Any information is appreciated. She was Elizabeth Maurin (1879-1993). Her parents were Joseph Maurin, 1852 (Loka)-1909 (Kansas) and Mary Jerman 1859 (Loka)-1937 (Iowa). I think Joseph Maurin’s parents were Geor Maurin (or Moverin?) and Anna Loser. I believe Mary Jerman’s parents were Mathias Jerman and Catherine Majes. All leads are welcome.
Carolyn Bledsoe Holmes <carolynrholmes@gmail.com>

Posted 11 September 2017
I am looking for information regarding my paternal grandmother Gertrud Maria Michitsch who was born 26 February 1890 in Gottenitz, Gottschee, now known as Gotenica, Slovenia. Her fahter was Oswald Michitsch and mother Mary Pogrelz. Gertrud and my grandfather, Frank Schneider, also a Gottscheer, emigrated to the U.S. in 1910 to Ridgewood, Brooklyn where they married. They ha 4 children, my fahter Frank Schneider, Edward Oswald Schneider, Charles H. Schneider, and Mary Schneider.
Contact Charles Schneider <charlesschneider@cschneiderlaw.com>

Posted 21 May 2017
Looking for facts about Anna (Kocian, Kochevar, Ucevar) Jaksa, b. 1883, maybe Semic [Semitsch], emigrated 1902 or 1903. Married in 1903 in U.S., no record founr, to John Jaksa (sepelled Yaksha and other variations). They had four children in Denver, Colorado; died 1941 in Pueblo, Colorado. Any facts about the above would be appreciated. Thank you.
Metza Jaksa Whiteley <tubadoc@msn.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 22 March 2017)
Looking for any information that I an get regarding my great grandmother’s family. Father, Johann Plesche b. March 2, 1856 in Gottschee, Austria, and died April 21, 1896 Vienna. Married, February 3, 1884, Elisabeth Handler born May 12, 1855 and died June 24, 1898 Vienna. They had four children all born in Vienna, Elisabeth born September 16, 1883, Johann born August 14, 1885, Maximilian born May 14, 1887 and Leopoldina born November 2 1892 (my great grandmother.) Thanking you in advance for any help that you may be able to give me. Terri Mishoe <mishoe.terri@gmail.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 8 January 2017)
My great-grandmother’s maiden name is Marie/Maria Greisch (unsure of which spelling came prior to immigrating to the US) and she came to the United States from Gottschee. She was born in Kerndorf. She passed away in November of the year 2000 a the age of 98 or 99. Her daughter is Lillian Buergers or (Living Spaschnig/k) on your site (she’s 90!). Her sister was Sofie Greisch. If anyone is able to figure out an exact date of birth, and her parents names, I would so appreciate it! Stephanie Buergers <myonlyheart@gmail.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 7 January 2017)
I am looking for some assistance tracking down my great grandfather’s sister (Francia Grivec) who I believe also emigrated from Slovenia to USA. I have no record of her in the USA. My great grandfather is Frank Grivest (Grivec/Grivitz). Frank was born 4 Apr 1888 in Kot, near Semic, Sovenia (then Austria). Frank’s parents were Andrej Grivitz from Widerzug #2 and Maria Smrekar from Semic. Andrej was Gottcheer. Andrej’s father died when Andrej was just a baby. Andrej Grivitz was born 18 Jan 1858 in Widerzug #2. Maria Smrekar was born about 1861 in Semic. They were married 5 Jul 1880 (Andrej’s parents wre Johann Grivitz and Maria Juran. Maria Smrekar’s parents were Mathias Smrekar & Katharina Stukel) Frank Grivec/Girvest came to the USA Nov 18, 1907 through the port of NY, on ship La Touraine from Havre, France. He married Malka Pecr in Nashwauk, Itasca, MN on 21 May 1910. He was in Keewatin, Itasca, MN as of 1911 and spent the rest of his life there. Frank died in Keewatin, Itasca, MN on 13 Jul 1954. Frank & Malka had 3 children: Agnes (my grandmother) b. 1911, Mary b. 1917, and Rosalie b. 1927. Family papers state that Francia Grivec also emigrated to America, but I have no record of her in the USA. My primary question is when did Francia Grivec come to the USA, where did she go, and what happened to her? Jeremy Adam <heritageadam@yahoo.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 2 January 2017)
I am searching for information about my great-grandparents on my grandmother’s side and any information about their parents and earlier in the genealogy. Her father, Ludwig Lamprecht (08/25/1887-02/20/1951) was living in Gottschee before he left with his wife Mary Lampecht (maiden name was Micklich and born in 1890) in 1910 to the USA. The dates may be a year of two off, but I think they are right. Thank you in advance. Eric Purkonen: eric_putkonen@yahoo.com

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 20 December 2016)
I am searching for information on families with these surnames living in Pollandl: Fink and Troje. My maternal grandmother was Maria Troje (nee Fink). She married Josef Troje. He had a sister in New York whose family were in the garment business (Mueller or Miller). Maria was the youngest of several siblings including Alois. Born in the early 1920s, they had four children: Johann, Rosalia, Anna, and Josef. All of them immigrated from the Pollandl [Gottschee] area to Canada after World War II. Only Rosalia is still alive. They settled in Vancouver, BC and on Vancouver Island. One of the offspring of Johann (“John”), Grace, married a Yugoslavian film maker and she has made two films. Their cousin Karl Moschner immigrated to the U.S. and he settled in New York state where his daughter or granddaughter teaches history. I am the daughter of Anna (“Anchka”) Troje born in 1923 who married Albin Schneller of Austria. I live in Vancouver, and am a writer. Plesae contact Ingrid Schneller at:  604jazzpiano@gmail.com

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 1 November 2016)
I am trying to find any information on my great grandparents John Schober (29 Feb 1876-1938) and Josephine Hutter (15 Jan 1884 – 26 May 1972). I am told they emigrated at separate times around 1900. They met in Cleveland, Ohio, but were both from around the same village of Seele. John Schober, one of 8 siblings, 7 boys and 1 girl. Josephine Hutter was an only child. She was orphaned, then raised by her aunt in Laibach who owned a Gasthaus before heading to the States. Thank you. Dawn Wood <jdwood98@hotmail.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 4 September 2016)
My great grandfather Frank Pechauer was born in Sela, Austria in 1850. He married Mary Judnick who was born in Rodne, Austria in 1846. They were married in Germany and went back to Sela, Austria where my Grandmother Mary was born 11-15-1881. They also had a son Anton or Anthony, no record of where he was born. I had never heard of Gottschee until I was contacted by Jeff Pechauer after my DNA was posted to Ancestry.com. According to Ancestry and Gedmatch we are 4th cousins. He has 2 family trees that refer to Frank Pechauer but not with the correct dates. Another mystery since posting DNA, I have been contacted by a woman born in Croatia with whom I am also a match. She too was unaware of Gottschee history until posting her DNA. I am hoping someone can help me find my connection to this history that I an share with my extended family. Judith A. Badura <judithabadura@gmail.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 9 May 2016)
I am looking for information on Johann Gramer. He was from Reichenau #11 b. March 17, 1862. He married my grandfather’s sister, Maria Skiber on September 13, 1891. Maria arrived in New York on March 25, 1897 and Johann came to New York in 1901 looking for his wife. I would like to know if Johann and Maria had children since she came to the U.S. alone as did Johann in 1901. Cecilia Bach <cecilia@ceciliabach.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 20 July 2016)
I am looking for my great grandparent place of birth and possible Albert’s sisters, their parents, or other relatives. Albert Krieger b. 9/18/1877 married Marie Schauer, b. 9/4/1883 born in Ruddlebert, Austria; Hannah N. Krieger, b. 5/24/1891 married Joseph Lukan, b. 10/24/1888 in Krain, Austria (Carniola, Jugoslavia). Marie (Mart) Krieger b. 12/20/1887, married Frank Kump, b. 1/20/1887, Ploesch #7, Tschermoschnitz, Gottschee, Austria. Louisa Krieger b. 1880 married Gotlieb Auer, b. 7/11/1875 in Tyrol, Austria. They immigrated in 1898, 1901,, 1903, and 1911; lied near each other in Chicago or Joliet, married people from same region, and lived around other immigrates from Austria. Thank you. Kris young <kris_young01@hotmail.com>

Posted 4 May 2017 (received 28 April 2016)
I live in Bosnia. My grandmother was born in Slovenia in the small village of Morobitz, family [surname] Trocha. Her parents were Josef and Maria Trocha. They had two daughters Maria (1902), married Oswald; and my grandmother Magdalena (Leni), born 1904, died 1985, married Pashtar in Serbia. Looking for relatives.
Zorica Kasalovic <zoka68@gmail.com>

Posted 26 October 2015
I am searching for information on my great-grandmother Josephine Wolfe who I believe was born around 1880 in Grafenfeld, Gottschee. She immigrated to the U.S. around 1900 and married John (Johann) Wurtz in Queens, NY. She had a sisterPauline who was married to John Rankl in 1899 in Cleveland, Ohio. Pauline died in Philadelphia in 1962. Their father was Mathias Wolfe and mother was Elizabeth Jonke and another relative named Joseph who was either Mathias’ brother or Josephine’s brother. Thanks in advance.
Tom Falvey falvo74@gmail.com

Posted 13 February 2015
I am researching the following surnames/locations on or near the eastern edge of Gottschee, interested in connecting with others who are doing the same.
Grivitz/Stritzel/Brinskelle (Widerzug #2); Juran (Mitterdorf #8); Kobetitsch (Grodetz #2, Maierle #22); Stalzer (Strassenberg); Hutter (Wertschitz); Roschitsch (Roschitschberg #9, Maierle); Brunskole (Maierle #9, #15); Suppantschitsch (Rosanz #3); Agnizh (Tuschenthal); Movrin (Gric #1); Adam (Unter Paka #10, Tanzberg #31); Smuk (Tschenthal #2, #14), Wochte (Sela Pri Otovec #4); Matkovich (Tanzberg #22); Klobuchar (Tanzberg); Jerman (Rosanz #3); and Vertin (Doblice #27). Contact:
Jeremy Adam heritageadam@yahoo.com

Posted 27 January 2015
I am looking for descendants of Josephine Schmidt Walech (born 1894). She was the daughter of Johann Schmidt and Gertraud Grill of Pogorelz in Gottschee. She is my mystery grandmother. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1912. She married my grandfather Charles Nicholas Walech from Luxembourg in Dubuque, Iowa in May 1917. She had my father (Charles/Karl Walech) in June 1918. Her husband died in the great flu epidemic when her baby was four months old. She disappeared shortly thereafter, leaving my father with his father’s relatives. She may have gone back to her brother-in-law’s (Franz Kraker) home in Cleveland, Ohio. My father received a letter from her after WW II from Ohio. She may have remarried. Maybe one of her realatives knows what happened to her. She may have left a baby (Josef) behind in Gottschee. There may be relatives in the “old country” that can shed light on that. My brothers and I have been searching for news of her for years. (We were looikng in Gotzis, Austria, unfortunately.) We realize that she would be dead by now, but we may have Gottscheer cousins.
Geri Hogeman geri@hogeman.net

Posted 13 December 2013
Looking for marriage date of 1904-1906? for John Arko and Marija Kosmerlj; a birth/baptism date for John C. Arko, infant child who emigrated with them to America in 1906. They were from the town of Sodrizica. Marija’s father was Matija Kosmerlj, and mother’s maiden surname was Staric. Thank you.
Sue Arko sue.arko@gmail.com

Posted 13 December 2013
I am interested in finding where my ancestors came from and more information about life in Gottschee. The first name is Caroline Jaklitsch, born January 15, 1875. The family in America have spelled the last name Jacklitz. The second is Herman Konig, born April 7, 1866. He married Caroline on October 20, 1895. I don’t know if they were married prior to their immigration to the U.S. The family in America spelled Herman’s last name Koenig, again a possible phonetic spelling.

The final name is John Mausser. He may have immigrated with his brother Joseph Mausser, both settling in Cleveland, Ohio. John Mausser married my grandmother, Florence Konig, on May 8, 1918 in Cleveland, Ohio. I would appreciate any information that you could give me, or any others I could contact to get information. Thank you.
Laura Chrzanowski lachrz@att.net

Posted 4 October 2013
I am looking for info about my grandparents, Margaretha Wittreich and Alois Schneider. Margaretha Wittreich (b. 1889 March) immigrated to St. Louis, MO in 1912 from Kotschen, Austria/Slovenia. Several of her siblings were Josephine Herbst, Gertruede Pietler, Lena Zekoll, Agnes Agnitch, Elizabeth Sager, and Mary Rositz. Brother Jan Wittreich stayed in Kotschen. Her parents were Jacob and Maria Stampfel.

I don’t know much about Alois Schneider (b. 1889 February). He immigrated to St. Louis in 1914 from Moos, Austria/Slovenia. His parents names were Johann and (not sure) Maria Anderkohl. They lived at 4244 Oregon Ave in St. Louis, Mo until the early 1980s. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Joan Schneider Rois Joan Schneider Rois

Posted 26 February 2013
My grandmother was Franziska Kump, born in 1884 in Reichenau, [Gottschee], Austria to Mathias Kump and Maria Kusold. She married Gottfried Stonitsch in Reichenau. Her siblings were Maria (married to Alois Schmuck, immigrated to Brooklyn, New York) Mathias (immigrated to Brooklyn, married Maria Ramor) and Joseph (Brooklyn, New York, Mary Kropf). I can’t find any information if there were other brothers or sisters in the Kump family Reichenau 45 or 2. Any help would be appreciated.
Kathy Koenig Billinghurst n.kaltenbach@csuohio.edu
Thank you, Nancy Kaltenbach

Posted 7 January 2013
I am looking for any information about my father John (Johannes, Johan, Ivan) Koenig, Konig. He was born in Altlag, December 27, 1912, and immigrated to the United States and settled in Avon, Ohio. Please contact Kath Billinghurst: