The Descendants of the Kraulands from Windischdorf, Gottschee, Austria

   This database consists of 12,785 individuals and 4,526 marriages as of Jan. 7, 2017. All of the individuals are the direct descendants (and their spouses) of Ambross, Georg and Michael Krauland who were resident in the village of Windischdorf known today as Slovenska Vas per the Church records which began there in 1683. Ambross and Georg apparently were brothers and account for about 80% of the descendants. Michael was evidently a close relative and accounts for the remaining 20%.

   There are 47 adoptions in this file. They and their descendants are included in this database as related individuals.

   About 100 years earlier, in 1574, there were four Krauland families resident in Gottschee (all in Windischdorf) when the counts of Blagay who ruled Gottschee in the southern part of the Austrian Empire (today Kočevje in Slovenia) had a register (Urbarium) or census taken of the approximately 1,600 families there.

  The Krauland name is probably derived from the Graland families from Tyrol and Carinthia in Austria.

  In order to maintain the integrity of the file, none of the parents or ancestors of the spouses of the Krauland descendants are included in this database.

  The village of Windischdorf was part of Gottschee Parish until Mitterdorf Parish was established as a separate Parish about 1788. This is a dynamic database which is still in progress. It will be updated from time to time as more descendants and ancestors are disclosed. The full names and data of Living individuals are not disclosed in order to protect their privacy. Input is welcome from the descendants of the individuals in this database who care to share information. Thank you to the many Living descendants who have contributed to this database.

     John W. Krauland

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