Our Gottscheer and Slovenian Ancestors

This database reflects only our direct lineal ancestors but if an ancestor was widowed and remarried, his or her secondary spouse is also shown in the database. Of the 331 individuals in this database, 297 are lineal ancestors and 34 are the secondary spouses. If you can trace your ancestry to anybody in this database, you are related. This database is still in process. It is anticipated that more ancestors will be found and that current data will be enhanced. Bilingual (German, Slovenian) Place names include: Altenmarkt = Stari Trg, Tscheplach = Čeplje, Vornschloss = Predgrad, Weisskrain = Bela Krajina. Bilingual (German, Slovenian) Surnames include: Bukowetz = Bukovac, Kotze = Koče, Mejatsch = Mejač, Michelitsch = Mihelič, Schutte = Šutej, Roschitsch = Rožič, Vidosch = Vidoš.

Many of the oldest marriage and birth records did not disclose the brides or mothers surname or maiden name. They only showed her given name. In these cases, her surname is shown as her married name in brackets, i.e: (ERKER) from her husbands surname of ERKER.

John W. Krauland

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