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Posted 8 July 2012
I am trying to find the origin of my paternal grandmother, Juliana Carolina Naglitschfrom Gottschee who was born on March 31, 1897. Please contact me if any information is available. Stephen Poje
Poje, Steve <>

Posted 18 June 2012
My research of our family tree has brought me to Gottschee where my Great-grandfather Louis Bartelme was born in about 1855. He had a son, Louis, with his first wife, Mary Schinkel (?), who passed and later Louis remarried and had several more children with Mary Schleimer (?). Their children were: Johannes Bartelme, b. 1885 d. 1886; Joseph Bartelme, b. 1887; Emma Bartelme, b. 1890; Heinrich Bartelme, b. 1896 d. 1918, who died in the last days of WWI, Edward Bartelme, b. 1897; Frank Bartelme, b. 1900; and George Bartelme, b. 1901. If you are able to help, share information or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Rich Bartelme

Posted 29 May 2012
I just discovered some info that may break down a brick wall in my husband’s Gottschee acestry. On a passport application of one of his daughters, my husband’s grandfather Josef Erker is listed as being born in Kerndorf. From his MA, USA wedding record, I know his parents were Andreas Erker and Maria Verdeber(Verderber?). US census records indicate that Josef was born about 1877. He was married in Norwood, MA in 1903 to Josefa (Sophia) Kellner (Koellner) who was originally from Ebenthal (house #9). I have looked at the Ebenthal records filmed by the LDS, but have not seen the ones for Kerndorf (Mitterdorf parish?). Any connections out there?
Rebecca Reid

Posted 22 May 2012
My Slovenian grandmother was born in Vrtaca Pri Semicu. I am trying to locate the name of the closest Catholic church that might have her baptismal records and other information about her family. I hope someone can be of help. My sincere thanks.
Don Ernakovich

Posted 10 April 2012
The surname Meshna may have a Gottschee origin. A long time ago I saw posted a list of historic homes that were in the village [city] of Gottschee. On the front of each was the name of the person who originally built and lived in the home. I cannot find that list anymore. I recall the source was German or Austrian. Well, on the front of two houses was our family name. Karl Meshna was one. If anyone has any information, maybe has lived there, been there or seen the website please let me know. I think Meshna should be on the list of surnames if so. JM

Posted 29 March 2012
My maternal great-grand parents were Bartholomew and Ursula (Schauer) Skadl (or some variation thereof). He was born in 1842 and she about 1850. They had four children born between 1880 and 1888, Therese, Maria, Francis, and a son (name unknown). They lived in Kleinrigel and eventually immigrated to the United States in the late 1880s (West Virginia & Ohio). Would apprecaite any information or leads. Thanks, “Speed” Thomas

Posted 7 March 2012
My grandfather Johan Cetinski, born 12 September 1897 in Mraunen 18, Gottschee, Austria. Any information as to occupation or news or genealogy going back would be much appreciated.
John Cetinski

Posted 27 February 2012
My grandmother was Albina Butschar (name changed on arrival to U.S. to Alma), born 30 September 1916 in Russbach #23 (I think). Her parents were Franz Butscharand Aloisia Spreitzer. I don’t believe they were ever married. Aloisia passed away when my grandmother was very young from TB, possibly around 1920. She was sent to live with her grandfather for a while and then I believe to an Aunt’s house. I also believe she had several half siblings one of whom was named August. Any connection or information will be appreciated.
Debra Tepper

Posted 27 February 2012
My grandparents were Ferdinand Petschauer of Mitterdorf #10 bei Tschermoschnitz and Johanna Tscherne of Lachina #7, Stockendorf [parish]. I just wanted to update you all on my search for my great uncle Mathias Tscherne born in Lachina 1868. I had always believed he immigrated and married in Brooklyn around 1889 per an entry in the “family books.” I now know that the entry wasn’t clear. I found a website from what I assume to be a Tscherne family member (perhaps in Austria?) which said “Gest 10-3-1889” for Mathias and, of course, “Gest” translates to Died. I have a renewed passion for my family genealogy research and just want to say, one should never give up. I’ve ordered a search for his death record in NY as I still don’t know if he had a family. I would love to know if I have more Tscherne cousins out there somewhere. I’d also like to extend my help to anyone searching for the Petschauers of Mitterdorf of the Tschernes of Lachina.
Nancy Thurber

Posted 29 January 2012
My great grandparents were Andreas Mantel, born 11 May 1844, Preriegel #9 andCatherina Maurin, born 21 Jan 1847, Preriegel #10. They had nine children, four immigrated to the United States and one to Kitchener, Ontario. My grandfather Anton Mantell settled in Cleveland. His first wife Josefa Kraker, born about 1888, Neulag #25, died in 1916. Her father was Jacob Kraker. His second wife was Mary Hiris, born 21 May 1895, Durnbach #7..

Our family includes Mantel (Mantell), Hiris (Hirsch), Lackner, Maurin, Putre, Jonke, Tscherne, Schemitsch, Erker, Hoge, Kuhar and many more. Any information other researchers or GHGA members can offer on any of these surnames would be welcome. Of particular interest, the following where my research has stalled: Johann Lackner, born 2 Feb 1886, Durnbach #7 to Peter Lackner and Gertrud Schleimer; Edward Mantell, born in Kansas City about 1901, to Andreas Mantell and Mary Jonke; the Anton Poje and Juliann Hiris family of Kitchener, and any Mantel in Austria.
Robert Mantell

Posted 9 January 2012
I just wanted everyone to know that I had to change my e-mail address. I am still looking for those hard to find relatives of mine as submitted earlier [see query posted 19 October 2011, which now includes the current e-mail address].
Brunhilde Doerbecker nee Arch/Knoespler

Posted 22 December 2011
My family have their roots in Reifnitz, number 130, Jurewitz and Dane, number 125. The names are Nowak, Campa, Lovsin, Rus. I am looking for: Novak Jakob; Hausbesitzer, born [in] Reifnitz 1830, died USA 1897, in Reifnitz 130, Gottschee, Krain, married Anna Rus. I didn’t find anything about Jacob in America. Possibly he is named Neumann or Newman.
[Please contact] Dieter Eichinger.

Posted 19 October 2011
I am just in the process to finalizing our Family Tree. Calling on relatives of the families Reischl, Michitsch and Oswald. My grand aunt Veronika Arch and grand uncle Franz Reischl, born 24 April 1882 at Ploesch and moved to Rieg. 49. their sonAlois Reischl born 9 November 1922 at Rieg 50.

My grand aunt Maria Arch, born 24 June 1868 at Ploesch, and grand uncle JohannMichitsch, born 14 April 1870 at Rieg 34. Their son Franz Michitsch, born 21 August 1912, at Rieg 34. My grand aunt Emilie Arch married Stefan Oswald at Ploesch. Their sons Matthias, born 7 February 1901; August, born 15 April 1903; and George, born 21 May 1892; moved to Buechel 50, Moos 15, and Morobitz 31.

Are there any Reischl, Michitsch, and Oswald relatives out there? Your input would be gratefully appreciated! Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you.
Many greetings and best wishes from Australia.
Brunhilde Doerbecker nee Arch/Knoespler

Posted 15 May 2011
I am researching the families of Alois Maichin and Maria Lauritsch, born in Durnbach in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They married and later settled in Canada with their 7 children. I also am an Eppich and am looking for information of those of Gottscheer descent. I am also related to the Honigman and Hoegler as well. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Elisabeth Eppich

Postd 26 April 2011
I am researching my great-grandparents, John Michaelis (maybe middle name Otto) born around 1881 in Gottschee, and Marie Koenig, born around 1896 in Kerndorf. They emigrated to New York City around 1910. I saw the list of Gottschee surnames on the web site, and Michaelis is not listed spelled this way, but there are several other spellings that sound close. Any further information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Christina Michaelis

Posted 26 April 2011
I am researching my grandfather’s surname of Gilha. He arrived in America about 1914 from Slovenia and settled in the state of Pennsylvania. It was said that he spoke a dialect of German called Granisch.
[Note from the webmaster: “Granish” seems to be a Western Pennsylvania version of the word “Krainisch.” The words “Krainisch” and “Granisch” mean the langugage or people who lived in the former Austrian province of Krain. In English, the province is called after its Latin name, Carniola. Krainisch/Granisch refers mostly to the Slovenian population of Krain/Carniola.]
Does anyone know the meaning of the surname? I believe he came from the Gottschee area of Slovenia. It was actually the surname of his mother. It was said that the father was unknown and he had to use the last name of the mother. Thank you for any help you can give me. Thanks .

Posted 12 April 2011
We are looking for information on the Greisch and Macher families. My father-in-law was born in Krain in 1895, so the marriage of his parents would have been prior to that. Josef Greisch had a tailor shop and he was married to Magdalena Macher. The family home is, we think, Gottschee. Thank you very much for any information you can give us.
Evelyn Greisch

Posted 3 April 2011
I am doing research of the Petschauer/Juran family which I think may be from the Gottschee area. I am the granddaughter of Ludwig (Louis) H. Petschauer. I believe my grandfather was born in August of 1880 (?). He died in Iowa in 1933. I believe he came to America through Antwerp, Belgium with several brothers and sister. He is the son of Jakob and Margareta (Juran) Petschauer. From what I have been told, Margareta (or Magdalena) may have been Jakob’s second wife. I have been searching for some time with little sucess. My research has led me to this particular site. Any help or info you could give me would be most appreciated. Thank you.
Cyndy Minnick

Posted 30 March 2011
I am looking for Maria Brinskelle, born 12 August 1920 in Skrill, Gottschee, near Stockendorf. She’s the daughter of Franz Brinskelle and Franziska Bole who were married in 1919. My grandmother was Franz’s sister. I just found Maria’s name on the website showing all Gottscheers who resettled to Untersteiermark in 1941, listing her residence as Graz. Thanks!
Sue Freudenberg

Posted 15 March 2011
I am researching ancestry for my parents: My father, Leopold Jonke, b. 1913 d. 1985, was the yougest of 13 and from Oberpockstein, Yugoslavia. His father was MathiasJonke and mother Maria Staudacher. And my mother, Magdalena Petsche, b. 1921, is from Unterskril, Yugoslavia. Her father was Rudolf Petsche and mother Agnes Zurl. Other names in my family tree are Kraker, Lackner, Staudacher, Flak, Gregoritsch, Witine, Ruppe, Hutter and many more! Any help you can share would be appreciated! Thanks.
Marie (Jonke) Robinette

Posted 28 January 2011
I am researching the name of Sedar (grandfather) from the parishes of Nesseltal and Rieg in the towns of Schaflein, Warmberg, and Hinterberg. Also the name of Troje(grandmother) from the parishes of Mosel, Pollandl, Tschermoschnitz in the towns of Mosel, Pollandl and Tschermoschnitz. Both settled in Cleveland, Ohio around 1904-1907. Any information would be helpful. Thank you very much.
Wally Sedar

Posted 3 January 2011
I am researching my brother-in-law’s ancestry for him. His grandfather was JosephMische, son of Andreas Mische and Sophia Mausser from Pogreltz. I am looking for other descendents of Joe’s brothers and sisters and any photos anyone may have of Pogreltz and Steinwand. Please e-mail me.
Joe Miga

Posted 20 December 2010
Please Help. I’m searching for ancestors Kump, Lampeter and Stalzer. Also my GGMother, Elizabeth.
GMother: Rosalie Kump (b. 1877 Unterbuchberg #7, d. 1925 Brooklyn NY), immigrated 1903. Siblings: Josef Kump (1891-1963 Vancouver BC); Aloisia Kump (1895-?? Booklyn NY)
GGMother: Gertrud Lampeter (1860-1939) Otterbach #8
GGFather: Josef Kump (1857-1880) Unterbuchberg #7

GFather: Mathias Kump (b. 1882 Reichenau #45, d.1936 Brooklyn NY) immigrated 1900. Siblings: Maria b.1873; Josef b.1875; Rudolf b.1877, Johann b. 1878; Magdalena b.1897; Francisca b.1884; Johann b.1887; Johanna b.1892.
GGMother: Elizabeth ? b. abt. 1850) Reichenau #43??
GGFather: Johann Kump (b.1843-1866) Reichenau #3??
GGGMother: Maria Stalzer (b.1816) Nesseltal #32
GGGFather: George Kump (b.1805) Reichenau #3??


Posted 20 December 2010
i am seeking any information on George Schmuck (b. 1853 in Ribnik, d. 1936 in Tappelwerch), who married Josephine Matzelle (b. 1863 in Tappelwerch #5, d. 1944 in Koenigsberg). They had at least five children: Sophia, Rosalie, Marie, Louisa, and Rudolf. Several (if not all) of the children emigrated to the USA and settled in Illinois. Please email me. Thank you.

Posted 11 December 2010
I am looking for my real grandfather Frank Juran and in this context I found the Gottscheer pages. Unfortunately I know just a few things about him, for example that he had worked in Turnau, Upper Styria, Austria for a while at the company Hausenbichl and that he got to know my grandma Maria Hirtner. Out of this relationship my father was born in July 1952, but he also knows nothing about his real father except that Frank Juran emigrated to the USA or Canada. I am not certain if he knew about my father’s birth. As I am looking for my family tree I would be glad if someone can give me some information. Be it that he is still alive, what I hope, he might be about 80-90 years old. Please contact me. Thanks a lot!
Verena Hirtner

Posted 11 December 2010
I am looking for any information about Mr. Slavko and Mrs. Rozalija (nee Vidic)Gorec family and Mr. Martin and Mrs. Ivana (nee Poljanec) Mrak family. Does anyone know the meaning and origin of surname Gorec? Does anyone know the origin and meaning of surname Zakrajsek? Thank you.
Vesna Gorec

Posted 19 August 2010
I am looking for information on my great-grandmother Elizabeth (Elsie) Mauser. She was born in 1901 and immigrated to the U.S. to Glendale, New York in the early 1920s from her home. She was later married to Frank Michl, a German immigrant after she came to the U.S. but I do not know of her sisters or parents. I would like to get an idea of where she/the Mausers are from in Gottschee. Unfortunately I have no more information than that. Hoping other Mausers can help! Thanks.
Erika Cepale

Posted 9 August 2010
Looking for information on the Ratschki (Rogale, Wolf, Verderber, Marinzel, Hutter) and Arch (Knoespler, Schusterschitsch, Kersch, Poje, Wittine, Lippe, Putre, Wittreich) families. The Gottschee towns these families were from include: Niedertiefenbach, Plesch, Rieg, Morobitz, Hornberg and Hinterberg. Any information provided to help me solidify my family ties will be greatly appreciated.
Bill Ratschki

Posted 14 July 2010
I am trying to find information on Hutter, my grandfather Johann Puttre. His mother’s name was Magdalena Hutter from Hinterburg, [house] #21. I knew relatives [named] Hutter when I was a kid. My grandmother Julia Puttre had a summer home in Lake Ronkomama and the Hutters were only a few blocks away. They used to come over at night and play auction penockle and they had a son. My brother and I used to go out there every summer for the whole summer but of course no one every talked about famlies in front of kids in those days. Hope someone can help me. Thank you.
Julia Puttre

Posted 7 June 2010
I am looking for information about the Schauer family from Mooswald, [house] number 10, Gottschee. My ancestors were Johann Schauer who married Magdalena Krische in Windischdorf. They had 7 children, all who immigrated to the U.S. except for two: Alois Schauer and Franz Schauer. Alois was born in 1896 and died in Gaishorn, 1965. I cannot find much research on his brother Franz. We know he was the editor of a German newspaper, The Cillier Zeitung, during the 1920s. This newspaper was printed in Celje, Stryia. Also he was a member of Parliament in Belgrade during the 1920s. He married, we don’t know to whom, but had a son named Gunter Schauer who was in the military. My family assumed he died in or prior to 1937. If anyone has any information or any ideas on where to look for information please contact me. Thank you.
Julie Musial

Posted 7 June 2010
My online family tree related to my Ruppe and other Gottschee names You may have to sign-up or create an “account” to view it, but it’s free. I would like to get feedback, if anyone could add something or correct any possible mistakes. Thanks
Sebastien Ruppe

Posted 20 May 2010
Joseph Poje, circa 1825-1890, Slovenia, SCS, Gottschee province.
Children: Joseph Poje, b. 1885 Slovenia (married Mary Sbaschnig of Vienna [Wien], Austria. Mary Poje b. 1888 Slovenia, d. October 1931 Brooklyn, New York (marriedPeter Sbaschnig of Vienna, Austria. Thank you.
Kathleen Connor

Posted 2 April 2010
I am looking for information on my Gottschee ancestors, specifically the Maurins andSpitznagels. My great grandfather, Mike Maurin, was born in Gottschee in the 1880s and his parents were Peter Maurin and Maggie Spitznagel. He also had a brother named Peter who came with him to America and then returned to Slovenia. They may have been related to Margaret Spitznagel (b. 1866) because they both lived in Red Jacket (Calumet), Michigan, U.S.A. Thanks!
Hilary Maurin

Posted 21 December 2009
I am looking for some family history information. My husband’s grandparents Franz Zose (3/30/1882) and Magdelena (Wolf) Zose (3/31-/1900) who were married in 1918 lived in the Gottschee area, specifically in Riegel. Does anyone know about the ancestors of these people? I think Franz’s father’s name was George Zose. Thank you for your help. Amy Zose
Please contact me at

Posted 21 December 2009
I am searching for descendants (in USA) that link to my family tree of Gottscheers. I know of the following (deceased) relatives that lived in USA.
1. Magdalena Schleimer, born 1856, married Georg Erker born 1854, both from Windischdorf immigrated to USA; they had at least 5 children: Alois, Franz (died in Teaneck, NJ in 1969), Josef, Josefa and Matthias.
2. Maria Schleimer, born 1862, married Alois Bartelme, born 1855 Mitterdorf #45 immigrated to USA; they had at least 7 children: Johannes, Joseph, Emma, Heinrich, Edward, Frank and George. They lived in Cleveland, OH.
3. Josefa Schleimer, born 1871, married Johann Kraker, born 1863 in Unterwarmberg, immigrated to USA. They had at least 6 children: Frank William married Phyllis Emma Ballard, Johann Frederick married Emma H. Blaich, Pauline, Mary, Joseph and Louis. They lived in Clveland, Ohio.
4. Josefa Kreiner, born 1854 from Windischdorf, married Alois Stalzer, born 1852, from Windischdorf #37. They had at least 4 children: Maria, Magdalena and Josefa. The parents immigrated to USA living in Cleveland, Ohio. Some of the children were born in USA.
I have four plus generations of Gottscheers primarily related to Windischdorf and I would like to extend, exchange, and verify my data. Some of my data points are Perz of Windischdorf #37; Stalzer of Katzendorf #37?; Tschinkel of Niederloschin #5?; Schleimer of Windischdorf #7, 20, 39, and 61; Jaklitsch of Niederloschin #9; Erker of Windischdorf #36, Bartelme of Mitterdorf #45; Krenn of Mitterdorf #15.
Thanks, Gert

Posted 21 December 2009
Looking for any formation on my Great Great Grandparents, the Oberlechner from Tirol, Austria. My great aunt, Geneva, married a Lackner and had a son, Frank Lackner that she brought to the USA with her around 1890, port of New York. They settled in Cherokee, Kansas area. Please email me at

Posted 21 August 2009
I am searching for information on my Uncle Frank Novak born on December 24, 1920 at Komarna vas #17, Yugoslavia [Muckendorf #17, Gottschee]. His mother’s name wasRosalia Petschauer, and his father’s name Frank Novak. [Uncle] Frank was married to my Aunt Frieda Puttre. Thank you. Julie

Posted 18 July 2009
I am trying to find information on my great-grandmother, Katharina Malneritsch who married Josef Rabuse in April of 1899 in Steyr. Austria. Josef Rabuse was born in Nesseltal and I believe that Katharina may have been from Semitsch but I’m not sure. I have very little information on her or the village of Semitsch. If anyone could share any insights I would be most appreciative.

Posted 22 April 2009
I am trying to get in touch with Rita Ruppe-Bazille who I am sure is my second cousin, I believe that she resides in Germany. Her email address is no longer valid. I would appreciate any help. Also trying to contact the Lackner family descendants of Aloisia Ruppe and Michael Lackner of Ridgewood, New York and Hawley, Pennsylvania. I would like to find the descendants of Mary “Minni” Ruppe and JosephPfeiffer. The descendants of Katharina Ruppe and Peter Loretitsch of Cleveland, Ohio. The descendants of George Ruppe and Maria Ruppe of Austria and Missouri. The descendants of Maria Ruppe and Alois Wolf of Cleveland, Ohio. The families of Linda Mische and Trudy Krall. The descendants of Margaretha Ruppe and JohannSchager. The descendants of Georg Ruppe and Maria Wolf.

Posted 2 April 2009
I just started researching my family history. My father, Wilhelm Stimpfel, was born 8-31-1927 in what I believe is Ramsriegal (not sure if I spelled that correctly), Unterlag. My mother, Sophie Koenig, was born 3-7-1932 in Mitterdorf. I have records of my mother’s trip to America, but, I find nothing on my father. If anyone has any information regarding my family’s history, please contact me. Thank you.
Caroline Stimpfel Darcy

Posted 4 March 2009
We plan to travel to Slovenia for a few days in early May 2009. We have never been there. Our ancestors named Rabuse and Meditz were Gottscheers who emigrated from Nesseltal to Canada in the late 1800s. Can anyone tell me whether there is anything left to see of Gottscheer heritage (cemeteries, churches, etc.) in Nesseltal [Koprivnik]?
Murray Skinner

Posted 2 February 2009
I am trying to fill in my paternal family tree.
My great grandfather was Peter Ruppe, born 23 May 1884 in Unterpockstein, Unterlag, Gottschee. He was the son of Michael Ruppe (b. 1848) and Maria Kapsch (b. 1848), m. 22 August 1870 in Unterlag. Peter Ruppe married Aloisia Schager (b. 26 February 1883 in Unterpockstein) possibly in Brooklyn, New York.

Michael Ruppe was the son of Michael Ruppe (b. 1828) and Maria Rom (b. 1828) m. 1 July 1846 in Nesseltal. Maria Kapsch wa the daughter of Michael Kapsch (b. 1819) and Maria Lackner (b. 1828) m. 13 September 1843 Unterlag. I would like to hear from anybody reserching the names Ruppe, Schager (Zager), Kapsch, Lackner, Fink, Fugina, Stonitsch, Staudacher, Rom, Panian, Ostermann, and Skiber.
Sebastien Ruppe

Posted 2 February 2009
I have done a lot of work with the surname Paar in Gottenitz and will share it with interested parties.
Robert Paar rob paar <>

Posted 20 January 2009
My grandfather Konrad Troje was born June 15, 1891 in Muckendorf [Obertappelwerch], Gottschee. He married Aloisio (not sure where). They had 3 children, Carl (died in war), Irma, and Albina. His wife Aloisio passed away. Then he married my grandmother Helen Bachmayer, birth December 1, 1901 in Lenfeif [Lienfeld], Gottschee. They had two children. My father Robert Troje, b. November 19, 1930 in Niedermösel [Gottschee] Yugoslavia, and a daughter Maria. I do not know if my grandfather had siblings or even other children, who were his parents. I know nothing about the Troje side of my family. I wonder if I have relatives out there that one day I may communicate with. Any information you can give me would be helpful.
Diane Marek

Posted 6 January 2009
I am trying to build a family tree. My grandfather was Joseph Lackner, born in Durbach, Obermösel, Gottschee, Carniola, Austria, on the 10th March 1870. His parents were Peter and Gertrude Lackner who were farmers. He had three brothers and one sister. In 1921 two brothers (John and Henry) lived in Jugoslavia. His brother Carl and sister Mary Kirsch lived in America. I would like to find his earlier relatives and also his brothers and sister’s families.
Roger Lackner

Posted 6 January 2009
i am researching my ancestor Magdalena Sigmund, born 1 January 1887 in Ebenthal, Gottschee, Krain, in what was at that time Austria. I have found her parents, Maria Samide, born 28 July 1858 in Winkel, Gottschee, and her father, Jakob Sigmund, born 25 April 1855 in Ebenthal, Gottschee. I would like to find the other children of these parents, as well as their own parents and siblings. Have you any records that can help me? Thank you for your consideration. [contact]

Posted 10 September 2008
I’ve been hard pressed to find on or anything past my great-great grandparents. Has anyone tried searching for Grill or Hribar? My great-grandfather was Ludwig Grill[born 8/7/1888] (went under the name Hribar since he lived with his mother’s parents of same last name, his parents left him when he was very young to the States, individually), traveled to the States alone as a 15 year-old as Ludwig Hribar in 1907.

Ludwig’s parents are Andrew and Monica Grill. Both were from the Gottschee area, as well as himself. His father, Andrew Grill, had 2 brothers, Matthew and Ludwig. I know they came from the Gottschee Highlands, and possibly near Drandul. My great grandfather, Ludwig, did go to school at Tschermoschnitz. I’m trying to find out anything more about Andrew, Matthew and Ludwig or even before them if possible.

I had a distant (and now deceased) cousin, August Grill actually went to Austria to that area about 20 years or more ago, but he went trying to find information about his mother’s side not his father’s and claimed any information about his paternal side led to dead ends. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Chad Alan Grill

Posted 12 June 2008
I am looking for information regarding my grandfather’s side of the family from Gottschee, whose surname was Petsche (his first name was John). I am also looking for information regarding my grandmother’s side of the family from Gottschee, whose maiden name was Tromposch [Tramposch] (her first name was Margaret). She had a sister named Mary whose married name became Kropf, a name also from Gottschee. Thanks, Cathy (Petsche) Tabac

Posted 5 June 2008
My father was Leopold Alois Achtschin, born in Chicago, Illinois in 1911. He had one sister, Anna Marie, born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1907. She never married. Their parents were Alois Achtschin and Anna Sattler. Alois was born in Vienna, Austria in [the 1800s] and Anna was born in Laibach [Ljubljana] in [the 1800s]. Anna Sattler’s parents were Martin Sattler and Anna Bradac. I have a news clipping that shows them celebrating their 75th anniversary. I never knew Alois and Anna, but I grew up with two of Anna’s sisters, my great aunts Rosa and Mitzi.
The family story I was told was that Alois’ mother may have married beneath her station and her husband took her name, rather than the other way around. Alois was a tailor before leaving Austria and his wife, Anna, was a very good seamstress and lace maker, I have serveral pieces that she made, as well as Alois’ tailoring books. Anna (and several of her siblings) served in the household of a Baroness Amalia before emigrating. ….I hope very much that someone knows something about the family.
Virginia Achtashin

Posted 8 March 2008
I am posting some new information I have obtained about my grandparents. My grandfather’s name was Karl Poje and was born 4/23/1879 in Obergras.  My grandmother’s name was Josefa Wittreich, born 4/13/1889 in Hinterberg. Her parents were Joseph Wittreich and Lena Kienp.
My grandparents were married in Hinterberg on 7/6/1908.  One son, Louis was born in Hinterberg.  Once in the US their names were Americanized to Carl and Sofia Page.  They lived in various towns in Pennsylvania including; Lopez, Russell, and Emporium.  Also, there was a record of them being in Olean, NY.  They had five more children, Max, Sophia, Carl, Mary and Agnes.  They finally settled in Buffalo, NY.
Kay Balcerzak

Posted 26 February 2008
My name is Marjeta Breda Marinčič. I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The parents of my grandmother Ottilie Koroll, born 1886 in Graz, were Anna Krisheand Cyprian Koroll. Parents of Anna Krishe were Stephan Krishe, born 1821, Malgern 14, and Maria Kreiner, born 1818, Koflern 2. The parents of Maria Kreiner were Mathias Kreiner and Maria Nadler. The parents of Mathias Kreiner were Ursula [maiden name unkown] and Mathias Kreiner. The parents of Stephan Krishe were Agnes Schneider and Johann Krishe.
If I could get more information about my family history and relatives, I would appreciate it. Please, contact me.

Posted 25 February 2008
My dad was born in 1899 in a place called Uhibrar. His name was Franc Kuznik. He had a brother named Anton. on his passenger list in 1930 in May. It said that he was born in Uhibrar and on the address both Dolenjska and Velika Loka were mentioned. But I can’t find Uhibrar or a name close to it. He was born on Feb. 14 1899 in the place called Uhibrar which I believe was in Austria-Hungarian [Empire] because my father was in the Austria-Hungarian army in the first world war. I believe it may have been in Gottschee and the name may have been changed later. He had a nickname which he was call Verba which I don’t know what it means. I know he used to be guardian of the woods for rich landowners. Thank you.
Frank Kuzn

Posted 22 February 2008
I am looking for any information that anyone may have about the Krische, Matzelle,Rom, and Honigman (Henigman) families.  The Henigman family relation comes from the Rom side.
My grandpa was born somewhere near Tschermoschnitz as he mentioned it a lot. His name was Mat Krisher (Krische) and his father was John Krische and motherRosellie Grille.
My grandma was born in 1901 in Clinton, IN shortly after her parents John Frank Matzelle and Josephine Rom came to the states.  Grandma’s name was JustinaMaria Matzelle and she spoke many different dialects and languages of that part of Europe where her parents originated.

My great grandpa raised wine grapes and my grandpa learned the trade of a Cooper (barrel maker) before he came to the states.  John Krische my great grandpa had his land taken away before WW1 and was conscripted into the army and fought in the war and was taken prisoner in Albania and escaped.  One of his sons Joe Krische (Krieger) deserted from the German army and another was shot for resisting the take over of their farm.  All but great grandpa John fled to the US through Switzerland by way of Canada and New York.  Great grandpa John stayed until the 1950s when my grandpa Mat Krisher paid for his way here.

Does anyone know of these families and are there relatives still in the Gottschee area.  I remember grandma making Gantelain [Ganzelain] and it was good.  Did not learn how to make it but loved the Schmorn? she made and still make it today and our grandkids love it also.  We are very proud of our ancestory and where we ultimately originated and would like to learn more about it.  Thanks and peace to all, Joe Krisher

Posted 26 January 2008
My name is Alexander Stonitsch I live in Klagenfurt (Austria) and I want to complete my family tree. My forefathers are from Gottschee.
My great great grandfather Johann Stonitsch was born 1857-9-18 in Hrib 24.
My great great grandmother Theresia Friedel was born 1863-9-30 in Wörsbach.
The married 1884-7-14 in Nesseltal (Koprivnik).
His father Anton Stonitsch, born 1820-8-4 in Nesseltal (Koprivnik pri Kočevjn), married Maria Rabuse, born 1826-2.-9 in Nesseltal (Koprivnig pri Kočevjn), 1841-7-7 in Nesseltal (Koprivnig pri Kočevjn).

The name of Anton Stonitsch’s father was also Anton Stonitsch and married Maria Meditz. Who knows the name of brothers and sisters or descendants.
I would be glad to get further information.
Thanks, Alexander Stonitsch

Posted 25 January 2008
Greetings – My father was born Anton Vidmar in Kukendorf, Gottschee. I am looking for ancestral information as well as lineal descendants of my relatives: the Widmers (Vidmars), Gliebes, Hoglers, Honigmans, Petsches, and Eppiches. Any information would be welcome!
David Widmer

Posted 31 December 2007
Looking for a connection and proof for the second wife of Martin Pureber.
My grandmother Anna Agnes Pureber is of the second wife.
According to her sister, Ursula Pureber Schodler,
Husband: Charles Schoedler, b. Bingen, Germany; parents Nicolaus Schoedler & Susanna Erbelding
Wife: Ursula Bareber (Pureber), b. Wien, Austria; parents Martin Bareber(Pureber) & Agenei Meichen;
married 02 August, 1896, Manhattan, NY
She names this woman as her mother. Can this be the correct spelling?
My Pureber family is from Kleinriegel.
Thanks, Carla Hillman Ratcliff

Posted 31 December 2007
I am working on Meglen/Meglan line from Struge (Tisovec #4) then within the politcal district of Gottschee. Progenitor family, Josef Meglan, c. 1814, Tisovec #4, married on 3 June 1840 to Ursula Zherne, c. 1816 of Hozevhje #10 [Ambrus?].
Ursula Zherne, aka Cern, was the daughter of Anton Zherne and Ursula Fink. Witnesses to the marriage were Joseph Nose and Joseph Horvat, grandsons Johan, Steve Meglan, emigrated/settled in Butte, Montana.
My surname Meglen/Meglan is not listed in your list of Gottscheer families. My GFJohann Meglen b.1882 was in the Austrian Military, his Grundbuchblatt lists him born in Potiskave, Struga then in succeeding lines Orisgemeinde:”….”Struga,” politischan Bezirk “…” Gottschee.
I am not sure how Gottscheer status is determined. I would welcome a definition.
Bill Meglen

Posted 22 December 2007
I am seeking information regarding my grandparents Frank James Sterle & Alojzija (Bencina) Sterle. They were both born in Loz, Slovenia or Babno polje, Krain Austria (no further information) and immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1902.
My mother Alojzija Sterle/Sterley was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1904.
In 1906 my grandparents moved to Emporium, PA where they both died in 1944. The PA death notice for Frank cited a brother in the US and a sister in Europe alive around 1940. Death notice for Alojzija stated she had two brothers, Jack and Joseph Bencinaof Cleveland, Ohio who father’s name was Tony.
Also looking to connect missing great, great grandparents with a Troha surname to this side of the family, a Joannes Mlakar and Maria Knaus going to St. Mary, PA in 1902.
Also looking for information regarding my grandparents Petra Troha and Frances(Gregorich) Troha who were living in Prezid, (Austria) around 1890 with the birth of their first child Petra. No further information known on these grandparents or their siblings.
My father Anton Lawrence Troha was born in Runci or Prezid, in 1895. He and his brother Petra and 3 sisters, Vjekoslava, Franca and Ivka Troha all immigrated to the United States from the town of Prezid, starting in 1907 – going first to Michigan then to Emporium, PA. E-mail me any time. Thanks

Posted 15 December 2007
My name is Cindy Scopel and I’m trying to find my family. I live in Australia, my grandfather was born in Dobropola 12th June 1902. He came to Australia in 1926 from the citta de Genoa. His name was Giovanni Scopel and his father’s name is the same, Giovanni Scopel. His mother’s [name before] marriage was I believe Terresa Rech. I know my grandfather had sisters and brothers but I only know of one named Micheli Scopel. I hope you can help me with some information.
Regards, Cindy

I am looking for information on the Skiber family. My grandfather, Edward Skiber, came from the Gottschee area. He served in World War I under the emperor Franz Joseph and immigrated to the United States after the war. He lived in the New York area and I believe he had at least one sibling, a brother named Rudolph, but my mother would have more details. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
Cecilia Bach

Posted 12 November 2007
I am looking for information regarding Matthew Samida who was killed in a coal mine accident around 1900 in Pennsylvania. He was originally from the Gottschee area and emmigrated to the U.S. in the late 1800s. I have most of the information on his descendants, but cannot come up with anything on his ancestors. He was married to Mary Aberhart/Eberhardt and had 2 sons David and John, and a daughter Annie. If anyone out there has any information, it would be much appreciated.
Jeff Samida

Posted 27 October 2007
Would anyone have a recipe for “gone-sa-lain?” [Gantsëlain]
My grandmother, Sophie Schneider (Krisch) made it for us all the time but never wrote down the recipe. Thank you.
Debra Howard

Posted 7 October 2007
I am searching for information on the families Kordisch and or Ruppe who migrated from the German speaking territories of Slovenia to Cleveland, Ohio at the turn of the 20th century.
My grandmother, who died in Cleveland in 1926 before I was born, came from a village called Oberbachstein [Oberpockstein] and her name was Marie Ruppe.
Her father’s name was Paul Ruppe and her mother’s name
was Anna Miculitisch [Michelitsch].
My mom’s father, my grandfather, also came from Slovenia and his name was
Frank Kordisch
. My mother’s first language was German in Cleveland where she was born in 1913. My grandfather, according to my now deceased mother, spoke only Slovenian at home.
I cannot find any references to the village of Oberbachstein [Oberpockstein] anywhere and I would be grateful if anyone, having knowledge of this village, would write me.
Danke schoen.
Nicholas Hayden e-mail:
[Nicola Hajdin]

Posted 4 September 2007
I am looking for any relatives of George and Mary Stonich [Stonitsch]. George built a house in Joliet, directly across from St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. The bottom floor was used as a store, with living quarters above it. The address was probably 813/815 North Chicago Street, at some time it became 429/431 North Chicago Street. There is an inscription at roof level that says “Stonich – 1910.” George and Mary had at least four chidren: George Aloyisius Stonich (1898-1985) Lemont, Illinois; Mary Stonich 1900, William Stonich, 1907; and Edward Stonich (1912-1989) California. He or someone in his family sold the store to Lawrence Zerna of Croatian descent, who ran a pharmacy in the store space. Lawrence Zerna sold his pharmacy to the Sochan, who sold music equipment. In St. Joseph’s anniversary book this was inserted. “Fellow Slovenes, George Stonich was a storekeeper before the Slovene parish was founded. In his store you can purchase clothes, shoes, hats, in short, men’s outfit. He is highly recommended.”

It appears that George Stonich died in Joliet on 14 February 1947. I cannot find a record for Mary Stonich’s death. George appears in the 1930 census with a birth date of 1870 and Mary shows up with a birth date of 1878. While I know that census data is often not correct, does this fit in with someone’s family history? The 1910 census states he immigrated to the U.S. in 1890. Looks like they were married in the U.S. in 1898. George A. Stonich married Angela Chudy about 1921 and had a daughter Angela Stonich born about 1922. This family was living in Berwyn, Cook, Illinois. In 1892 George Sr. is listed as boarding at 803 N. Chicago Street in Joliet and working for T. Golobitsh. The house of George Stonich now serves as the home office of the Slovenian Women’s Union of America. Any information regarding this family is welcomed. Thanks.
Contact George Plautz:

Posted 21 August 2007
I am looking for the family of my father’s uncle, who emigrated to the U.S.A. in the early 20th century, but I forgot his first name. He was the brother of my grandfather,Franz Stonitsch, born 1889 in Unterskrill, who died in Vienna after WWII. I remember that my father told me that he had a son fighting in the war and two grandchildren or more living in a house near a lake, somewhere in the Chicago area. Who knows something about that branch of my family?
contact: Wolfgang Stonitsch, e-mail:
(Stonitsch, Wolfgang/wiener neustadt/austria)

Posted 3 August 2007
Looking to meet Kikel family members at next year’s Treffen in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m from the European side of the family, came to the U.S. in 1950. Grandmother wasRosalia Kikel born in 1876 in Kletsch #4, Altlag parish, Gottschee. She was the only one who stayed in Europe. All her brothers and sisters came to the U.S. (Ohio) in the late 1890s and early 1900s. When responding put “Kikel” in the subject line.
Frank Kropf

Posted 3 August 2007
Any information I can find on the town of Rosshof would be appreciated. Our main interests are the Honigmann and Kofler families. Please e-mail me at
Phyllis Honigmann

Posted 24 July 2007
I am from Bosnia. My grandmother Leni Troha came from Morobitz (Borovec) in Slovenia, born 23 June 1904, died 1985. Her parents were Jozef and Maria. I am looking for relatives.
Kasalovic Zorica,

Posted 4 July 2007
My grandfather Rohrbeck came from Masern Austria area. He was born around 1854. Came to USA, settled in Brooklyn, NY. He married a Parthe. They later moved to Florida. I am trying to locate any information available. Thank you.
Paul Rohrbeck,

Posted 29 June 2007
My grandfather John Leonard Knaus came from Mittergras, born 1865, died 1957, and per a list of townships from a Kalendar in 1926, in Gemeinde Obergras, Mittergras, which was known in Gottscheerisch as Hintrdearfle, is now listed as Srednja vas in Slovenia. My problem is discerning which one of the Srednja vas, Mittergras: 1. Srednja vas v Bohinju, 2. Srednja vas pri Kamniku, or 3. Srednja Vas, Gorice? Please, does anyone know this answer? Thank you very much.
Mary Jane Langeloh,

Posted 19 June 2007
My grandfather was born in Durnbach near Gottschee (now Slovenia) in 1865. His name was Johannes Kraker, later he changed his name to Janos Krakker. His father was Andreas Kraker, carpenter, his mother’s name was Magdalena Schuster. I have his birth certificate. He came to Hungary and worked as a shoemaker. He had two daughters from his first marriage: Maria (1895) and Julia (1901). I don’t know his wife’s name. The two girls went to the U.S. in 1914 and in 1920. Maria did not have a child, but Julia had three sons.
After his wife died, he married my grandmother, and they lived in Kapuvar, Hungary. They had three children, one of them was my mother, Ilona Krakker.
I would like to know if my grandfather had any brothers or sisters, and everything about my great-grandparents.
Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.
Jozsef Csendes, Budapest.

Posted July 13, 2005. I am looking for my mother’s side of the family. Her father’s name was Peter Flainik. It was changed to Flanik when he came to the U.S. from Slovenia in 1898. He was born December 1883. He had a brother, Michael, and possibly a sister. My mother’s mother was Sophie Konte, born in Austria, in November 1886. She had a couple of brothers and sisters who were all born in Austria. Her parents were John and Mary Konte. If anyone has more information for me I’d really appreciate it. Thank You, Roberta Kinkopf

Posted July 13, 2005. I want to find information about the parents of my maternal great grandfather. His name was John Strutzel and I found his name on the 1880 Census form for Clinton county Iowa. He probably came to America a few years before that, because his eldest son was born in 1878 in Minnesota, but I don’t know the year that John Strutzel migrated from Austria. He married a lady named Anna Suhorepetz (also spelled Suhorepec in Slovenian) probably in 1877 or a little before. Anna Suhorepetz was born in the village of Otovec, Township of Crnomelj, Province of Carniola, Austria in 1895. She had two brothers and one sister who also came to America. They had 13 children and lived for many years in the state of Illinois (particularly in Joliet, IL) where there is a family cemetery plot. I am also looking for information about the parents of my grandmother, Anna Mae Smerker Strutzel. I don’t know her parent’s names. I do know that her family came from Austria but I don’t know when they migrated to America or which town they came from in Austria. Anna Mae had three sisters. She was born in Lyons, IA in 1887. I was told her father owned a tavern in Clinton County, IA. If anyone has any information about any of my Austrian relatives, please contact me at mayflower94590@sbcglobal.netThank you!

Posted May 30, 2005. I am searching my grandparents and relatives. I am the daughter of John Puttre. It is also spelled Putre and Julia Eppich. She was the daughter of MagSchneider and my grandfather mother’s name was Hutter. Thank you. Julie

Posted May 16, 2005. I am wanting to start a family tree and hope there is someone out there with info for me. My grandparents Ferdinant Leitgeb and Maria Kofler had 5 children, my father Johann Kofler b. 1930 being one of them. My fahter was born in Glodnitz, Carinthia but I am not sure if that is where they all originate. My grandparens and I think great grandparents never married so Kofler has been passed down the female side of the family for a few generations. My great grandmother was Juliana Kofler and that’s about all I know. I hope someone can help. regards Maria Corcoran (nee Kofler)

Posted May 16, 2005. I am searching for Kickel (Kikel) and Flack relatives that I have birth certificates for Aloysius Kickel (my grandfather) 1894 and Edward Kickel (my great uncle) 1892, sons of Johann Kickel and Margaretha (Flack) Kickel. It says on the certificates Kronland Krain which I think means Gottschee of the Bistum Laibach (diocese of Laibach). If you have any information about my relatives, they have a huge family in the United States that wants to know them, mostly in Cleveland, Ohio and California. Please email and use KICKEL/FLACK on the subject line. Thank you.

Posted May 16, 2005. I am doing research about my family. Any information re theSterley family would be appreciated. Especially the South African Sterley’s, but also abroad. Thank you, Alicia Sterley (22), Stelenbosch, South Africa.

Posted May 16, 2005. I am looking for any information on the family Sterbenz or where I can look to find information. (How is the library in St. Johns University in Queens?) They established themselves in Brooklyn and Queens, and it must have been before World War II as my grandfather fought for the United States Air Force and his mother’s name was Sterbenz.

Posted May 16, 2005. I am trying to find information on Joseph (Josep) Mohar born in May of 1888 in Pohpec, Laibach, Austria (Could be Dohpec?) His father’s name was Franz. He had 3 sisters and corresponded with one via a parish priest where his sister was living. He came to the US in 1905 and settled in Elcor, Minnesota. He married Mary Kostelic (b. May 25, 1890 in Dobropola Austria…could be Elova Gora?)..She came to the U.S. in 1908. She had a brother Frank, a sister Frances and a sister Mrs. Josephine Ham. Any information on Joseph Mohar and Mary Kostelic married 1/25/1910 in Biwabik, MN or Any information would be helpful. Thanks. Mary Kiser (Granddaughter to Joseph and Mary Mohar)

Posted March 13, 2005. Looking for any and all information pertaining to Fornbacherfamily. Thanks! Diane

Posted March 13, 2005. I am seeking information about my Oma and Opa, Emil and Emma Schemitsch.

Posted March 13, 2005. I am seeking information abut Gottscheer familyOswald/Kump who lived in Brooklyn N.Y. Thanks, Bruno

Posted January 1, 2005. I am seeking information regarding my grandparents Frank James Sterle & Alojzija (Bencina) Sterle. They were both born in Loz, Slovenia or Babno polje, Krain Austria (no further information) and immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1902. My mother Alojzija Sterle/Sterley was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1904. In 1906 my grandparents moved to Emporium, PA where they both died in 1944. The PA death notice for Frank cited a brother in the US and a sister in Europe alive around 1940. Death notice for Alojzija stated she had two brothers, Jack and Joseph Bencina of Cleveland, Ohio who father’s name was Tony. Also looking to connect mising great, great grandparents with a Troha surname to this side of the family, a Joannes Mlakarand Maria Krause in St. Mary PA in 1902. Also looking for information regarding my grandparents Petra Troha and Frances (Gregorich) Troha who were living in Prezid, (Austria) around 1890 with the birth of their first child Petra. No further information known on these grandparents or their siblings. My father Anton Lawrence Troha was born in Prezid, in 1895. He and his brother Petra and 3 sisters, Vjekoslava, Franca and Ivka Troha all immigrated to the United States from the town of Prezid,starting in 1907 – going first to Michigan then to Emporium PA. E-mail me any time.

Posted January 1, 2005. I am looking for any information on Ludwig Huebler (Hubler) who married Anna Mart in Rudersdorf Austria. Anna children were: Ludwig, Frank, Anne, Theresa. They located to Cudahy, Wisconsin in the early 1900s. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lynn M.