Archive Queries 2003-2004

Posted Nov. 25, 2004. I am attempting to locate information on my great uncle Mathias Tscherne born June 30, 1869 in Lachina #7, Stockendorf, Gottschee. He was the son of Mathias Tscherne and Maria Brinskelle. He immigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1889 per an entry in the Stockendorf Family Book. He married in New York. I am also continuing to seek information on my great aunt Veronika Tscherne born July 29, 1873 in Lachina #7. She married Franc or Franz (also named Tscherne) and lived in Lachina #1 after marriage. They had 9 children and moved TO Austria in 1919. We think the area was Linz or Weis. 1 son died in Salzburg and 2 of the sons were married in Linz. I’ve been in touch with the Archives who have told me of many Tschernes still living in the Linz area. Apart from calling them on the phone…Does anyone know how to go about contacting these “cousins” by the mail? I would also appreciate knowing if any of the living Tscherne “cousins” are still living in the New York area. Thank you very much. Nancy Petschauer-Thurber.

Posted October 8, 2003. Can anyone tell me the name of the church in Seele? I want to find family birth, christening, marriage and death records. If you have any knowledge of the following, I would appreciate hearing form you. My grandmother, Josefa Verderber came to America on October 3, 1901 at age 19. She married Louis Vetter in new York City (he had 2 children from a previous marriage – Rudy and Paul). My grandparents had the following children: Edward, Alfred (Albert?) who died at 4 yrs., Frank, Josephine (my mother), Adeline, Helen and Charles. Her mother and father were Margaret (Kress or Kresher or Kresge), and Matthew (Mattias?) Verderber. They lived in the BECK House. They had 4 children: Marie (died as a child), Josefa, Franz, and Magdalena. All the children who lived, came to America when they grew up. Margaret was previusly married to Mr. Dulzer, but they were childless. After Matthew died, she had a daughter, Leezelle (Elizabeth) Schneider. Frank married a Mitzi – no children. Lena married Robert Kemp. The Kemps had Margaret, Lillian, Robert, Frank, Madeline and Harold. Thank you, Margaret Jackson.

Posted October 8, 2004. I am looking for information on a couple of names. I am looking for: 1) Mathias Krobath that married Maria Hoenigmann they had a child by the name of George Krobath on 31 Dec 1823. 2) Andres Gliebe b: 26 Oct 1748 married to Magdalena Hogler b: 15 July 1757 Kukendorf #11. 3) Andreas Petche b: 18 Nov 1757 in Setsch to Ursula Oberstar. If there is any information out there please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted September 22, 2004. Looking for Elizabeth (maiden name) Kresse. Lived in Cleveland Ohio off 82rd and Woodland Ave. Went to Holy Trinity School approx 1952. Bye for now, Ron Rutar.

Posted September 12, 2004. Searching more detailed information about Mathias Glibe/Gliebe (born abt. 1822 in Kukendorf) and his wife Agnes Hoeferle. They had three children, all of them born in Kukendorf: Maria (b. 1853), Margarete (b.1856) and Agnes b.1858). Many thanks, Laurent Krauland, Forbach – France.

Posted September 5, 2004 from February 8, 2004. My great grandparents were Alois Schleimer (b. about 1846) and Maria Tomic (Tomitsch) (b. about 1838) maiden name, Kusterle first marriage name, Schleimer. My grandmother was their daughter Caroline Schleimer born November 4, 1872 in Gottschee. Wherecould I find out more information on these ancestors? Sincerely, Myron.

Posted September 5, 2004. I am looking for information about Gottenitz. My family name, STAMPFEL, originates from there. Stampfel from #51 and #20, Weber/Waber from #60 and #58. I would like to know more about the actual town and what the homes were like. My research goes back to the 1750s. I would love any stories, photos or family trees. I will gladly share what I have! Thanks Deena Stampfel-Segot, NY.

Posted September 5, 2004. I have the occupations of Hübler sohn and Hübler on a marriage certificate and wondered what it was? Thanks, H. Myron Bohn Jr.

Posted August 3, 2004. I would like to know more about my family. My mother, Rosina Schleimer nee Herbst, was born in Unterlag and married my father Johann Schleimer of Grafenfeld about 1925. They had four children and all left Gottschee for Graz in 1944. My brothers are John and Henry and my sister is Erika. Thanks, Diana Brown.

Posted August 3, 2004. Looking for even the smallest piece of information about my grand-aunt Magdalena KRAULAND (b. Nov 7th, 1894 – Windischdorf 56). Magdalena married Josef SI(E)GMUND (b. May 12th 1879 – Ebental 11) on Nov 18, 1920 in Ebental parish. The couple emigrated either to the USA or to Canada, probably between 1925 and 1920. Also looking for their descendants and relatives. Email me any time and many thanks in advance. Laurent Krauland.

Posted May 23, 2004. I am researching my Gottschee families Petschauer from Neubacher #5 and Koenig from Kletsch #4 both from the parish of Altlag. Also looking for Koenig Cousins from Cleveland, Ohio. E-0mail me aany time. Thank you Christine Petschauer Sharp.

Posted March 21, 2004. Looking for information on the Knaus family. I don’t have much information but my great grandfather, Louis Knaus, served in the Austrian army in the 1800s. Was told he wrote and spoke in German as well as Slovenian. My great Grandmother’s maiden name was Ann (or Anna) Centa. I am guessing they immigrated to the US at the turn of the century and settled in Cleveland, Ohio somewhere on St. Clair Avenue. Any information would be greatly appreciated, as well as any information on any sites that has information on those who served in the Austrian Army/Military in the 1800s. Information on the origin of the Knaus name would be great. Thank you! Regina Marsh.

Posted March 21, 2004. Hello from Australia. We have Anna Maria Bauman who married Andrea Nix in Victoria Aus. in 1859. Anna Maria’s parents were Severine Bauman and Catherin Barthol. Anna’s birthplace looks something like AMPRISHUE Austria on marriage certificate. Can anyone help? Shirley Stevenson.

Posted March 21, 2004. I am looking for any information on Joseph Krisch (born abt. mid 1800s) married Agnes Morence (spelling?), born abt. 1863, died in 1944. Both born in Austria, most likely the Gottschee area. Both came to NY, had children: Marie, Josephine, Joseph, Don and John. Lived on 204th Street in the Inwood section of Manhattan. Any help is greatly appreciated. Maureen Silo.

Posted February 8, 2004. Looking for information on family of Johann Lenassi, wife Franciska, sons John, Friedrich, Karl, Frank (and others) who lived in village of Salka vas (then known as Schalkendorf) in the years before 1920. In 1903 Johann and 2 sons went to America. Wife Franciska remained with other children and joined them in 1920. They settled in Pitsburg, Kansas. Also, can someone tell me which church served the residents of Salka vas during those years? Thanks. Please respond to Linda at

Posted January 25, 2004. Hi, I am compiling information on the Tramposch family. I am trying to reach any descendants of Tramposch’s whose lineage comes from Neufriesach, Oberdeutschau, Buchel, or Reichenau, all in the Nesseltal Parish of Gottschee, Austria. If anyone has information surrounding these Tramposchs or descendancy lists pertaining to them I’d really appreciate it. I would really like to contact descendants of these families to further the Tramposch ancestry. Thanks, Gregg at

Posted January 25, 2004. My Grandfather was named Charles Hegler. His parents were Maria and Matthias Hegler. The last information I have is that they lived in a little village called Struge. It is located just south of the Slovenian capital. I cannot find information about the family. Can you help?

Posted January 24, 2004. Hi, tryuing to find someone that might know of Barbara nee Petsche. This is what I know. Two sisters; Barbara Petsche b. 1860-1866 married John Macho May of 1885 at Holy Trinity Church, 73rd and Woodland Ave in Cleveland, Ohio. She died 1-10-1944. Sister Magdalena Petsche b. 1861. She married Mathias Krobath. She d. 4-12-1941. Services held at Our Lady of Peace Church on about 120th and Shaker Blvd. Thanks. Ron at

Posted January 4, 2004. My grandfather was John Andrew Krisch (born 1889, died 1974) son of John Krisch (born 18??/died in 1919) and Margaret Wolfe (born 1860/died 1927). We know my grandfather was born in Gottschee and migrated to NY. He had two brothers Joseph and Henry and one sister Clara. Can you help with any info. John A. McCabe.

Posted January 4, 2004. Greetings! I am researching my family tree. My grandfather came to America 121/09 from Podpreska, Austria. His father’s name was Josef and his mother’s was Maria. He had four brothers, John, Frank, Tony, Joe and three sisters, Amalia, Helen and Anna. My grandmother’s name appears on their wedding certificate as Francis Maurin from Novi Kot. I have no info on her other than she also came over in 1909 and may have been married before in New York to a man who died of TB before joining my Grandfather in Chisholm, MN in 1916. I have a suspicion she came over as Franciska Knaus. Could the name of Maurin been her first husband’s name? Any more ino on any of these names would be appreciated. David L. Turk.

Posted January 4, 2004. Can you tell me how the Slovenians came over to US? I am trying to trace the route the SPREITZERS took from Slovenia to the Upper Pen of Michigan. Maybe if I knew how the rest of them came I could figure it out. I suspect they came into Ellis Island and took trains to the Lakes and Steamers the rest of the way. Or I was wondering if they might have come in through Canada? My Spreitzers cmae over to work in the Copper mines. Thanks. Betty Slovinski.

Posted August 25, 2003. Hi I am looking for any relatives or any information on descents with the last name Zimpritsch. My family came to the US in the early ’50s and settled in Ridgewood, NY. I would love to trace our heritage. I have tried several times throughout the years unsuccessfully. Thank you. Amy Zimpritsch.

Posted August 25, 2003. My name is Doris Kinkopf, my dad is Frank Kinkopf born in Komuzten, Gottschee, his parents are Johan U. and Magdalena Kinkopf. If anyone knows my family, I would love to chat with you. We are the Frank Kinkopf family from Palmetto Street Ridgewood NY. Email me anytime.

Posted August 25, 2003. Am looking for relatives of my maternal grandmother Katarina Sterbenz who arrived from Gottschee to Ellis Island, NY in 1903 at the age of 17. Gary McDaniel.

Posted August 25, 2003. Does anyone have Perz family info from the mid-1700s for the US? My family research has hit a solid wall, complicated by two things: my Ulster Scot father’s very common family name of John Brown, and the lack of information in the llisting of my great, great, great grandparents married approx. 1780 in Virginia/Kentucky. They are simply listed as John Brown and Mrs. Brown. He was born here, approx. 1750, in Virginia/Kentucky. But no place of birth is listed for her, only born approx. 1755. So she may have been born in Gottschee, and come here with her parents? Since the Browns in question named their only child, born in 1782, John Perz Brown, I am assuming that either her name or that of her mother, was Perz. And, since John Perz Brown and his wife Sarah Wright named one of their daughters Maria, and another Mary, I am making a further wild guess that the mother’s name may have been Maria Perz. Perhaps a great leap, but all I can come up with. I have searched dozens of passenger lists for the appropriate periods, but as yet have found no one named Perz. Also, she could have been a widow or divorced, with another last name when they married I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance that you may be able to offer. Thank you, Beverly.

Posted June 30, 2003. I would like to restart my search for descendants (in USA) that link to my fmaily tree of Gottscheer. I have many loose ends some of them point to USA: 1. Magdalena Schleimer, born 1856 married Georg Erker, born 1854, both from Windischdorf immigrated to USA; they had at least 5 children: Alois, Franz, Josef, Josepha and Matthias. 2. Maria Schleimer, born 1862 married Alois Bartelme, born 1855 in Mitterdorf #43 immigrated to USA; they had at least 4 children: Johannes, Inez, Georg and Joseph and lived in Cleveland, OH. 3. Josefa Schleimer, born 1871 married Johann Kraker, born 1863 in Unterwarmberg immigrated to USA; they had several children but I know only about Johann born 1896, he may havelived in Cleveland, Oh. 4. Josefa Kreiner, born 1854 married Alois Stalzer, born 1852. They had at least 4 children: Maria, Magdalena and Josefa immigrated to USA or were born there. I have 4+ generations of Gottscheer primarily related to Windischdorf and would like to extend, exchange and verify my data. Some of my data points are: Perz, Windischdorf #37; Stalzer, Katzendorf #37?; Tschinkele, Niederloschin #5?; Schleimer, Windischdorf #20, 39, 61; Jaklitsch, Niederloschin #9; Erker, Windischdorf #36; Bartelme Mitterdorf #43; Krenn, Mitterdorf #15. Gert.

Posted June 25, 2003. I am seeking info on Bukowatz family. Jacob Bukowatz born about 1842, Vimol, Krain now part of Slovenia. Jacob married Mary Maurin also of Vimol. Jacob died Fernie, British Columbia, December 1908. Jacob Charles Bukowatz born August 1868, died Helena, Montana, September 1934. Jacob Charles married Rosman (possible Rossman?) from Tschernembl (currently Crnomelj, Slovenia or Crmosjice, Slovenia). I’m trying to find where Vimol was located as well as any information on the Bukowatz family. Thanks to those who can help. Louis Grill.

Posted June 11, 2003. I am researching Michael Rossmann and Katharina Schneller. I would also like to have some information about these villages (Speharje, Sinji, and Neschova) originaly in Krain now Slovenia. Doris Rossmann.

Posted May 29, 2003. My greatgrandfather was John or Joseph Eppich. He was born on Feb. 22, 1875 and married to a Marie or May Hoge. He came into the US on March 23, 1899. Any information is greatly appreciated. thanks Patricia Womack.

Posted May 29, 2003. I am researching for any information about both the Kump family and the Tramposch family who came to the United States in the 1890s. I believe Mary Kump (born Tramposch) and George Kump came from the area of Gottschach-Mauthen near Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia. They briefly lived on a farm in Vineland, New Jersey and later settled in Rdigewood, New York where they had three children, Marie (my mother), Lillian, and George. My uncle Joseph Tramposch came to the United States a bit later and also lived in Ridgewood, Queens, NY. Any information about the Austrian Tramposch line or the Kump family would be greatly appreciated. Carolyn Kraemer Cooper.

Posted May 29, 2003. I am searching for my Gottscheer ancestors. Their names are Grill and Mausser. Thanks, Alex Grill.

Posted March 23, 2003. Ruppe-Jonke ancestors (13.3.2003) I would like to know anything about my ancestors: Ruppe, Jonke. My father Franz Ruppe was born in Unterpockstein, Gotttschee, Austria in 1920. He had one brother, Richard (born 1923). I don’t know anything about their father and grandfather. My father’s mother was Maria Jonke. She was born in Gottschee in 1897. After her husband’s death in 1925 she married a man with the name Hutter. Maria Jonke had several brothers and sisters. Some of her brothers emigrated to the USA (Leopold born 1913, Peter born 1893, Gottfried born 1910, Mathias born 1909 went to Berlin). Maria Jonke’s father was Mathias Jonke, born 1858.He died in 1920. His wife Maria was born in Gottschee in 1868. Mathias Jonke’s father was probably Mathias. His wife’s name was Katarina Flak. Please contact me if you can give any information. Thank you. Rita Ruppe-Bazille.

Posted March 23, 2003. I am looking for any relative of Franz Kovacic who was born in Grafenfeld, Gottschee in the 1880s. He married Helene Hegenbart also of Grafenfeld in Brooklyn, NY in about 1910. His name along with his brother was changed to Schmidt when they arrived in America. I am his grandson. Frank Schmidt.

Posted March 4, 2003. I am researching Croatian origin of my grandfather, John Bobner, Croatia listed as place of origin in 1910 & 1920 U.S. Census of Population. DOB: listings range from 15 May 1858 (D/C), 1862, 1863 & 1864 on various U.S. Census. Immigrated to U.S. in 1886 as listed in 1900 U.S. Census of Population.

Posted February 2, 2003. My grandfather was born in Semitsch, Krain, Austria (Semic, Slovenia) in 1894. Joseph Krajcar. Any direction or information greatly appreciated. Thank you. Greg Keeney.

Posted February 2, 2003. I am rsearching the family name Sedlar/Sedler (I have seen it spelled either way interchangeably). I recently discovered my husband’s great grandfather Anton emmigrated in 1900 to Sheboygan, WI from Mooswald, Krain, Austria (Mahovnik, Slovenia), which I understand is just North of Gottschee, to rendevous with his brother John. Additionally, Anton was married when he emmigrated and his wafe’s maiden name was Mary Strephoncheck. I think that is spelled wrong since I cannot find that name anywhere. If anyone knows a correct way of spelling this name, or has other information regarding either family name, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Diane P. Kriese.

Posted January 23, 2003. I am looking for any information about Anna Jaklitsch (my grandmother) who was in a DP camp in Klagenfurt, Austria at the end of WWII. She immigrated to the US with her daughter Annie Jaklitsch and her grandson, (me, then Josef) on the USS Greeley in Jauary 1952. She also had a daughter, Stephanie and a son Josef (my uncle) who remained in Europe. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Joseph Jaklitsch.

Posted January 23, 2003. I’m searching for more information on my ancestors Johann Stonitsch born 1820 and his wife Magdalena, nee Verderber borh 1820 both Nesseltal. One of her brothers must be Thomas Verderber, who went to and lived in Retz, Austria later. Thank you. Inge Gsllpointner.

Posted January 23, 2003. I stumped across this site and am curious about my father’s name: Zurl. Mathias and Marie were my grandparetns. Thanks, Sigrid Bressler.

Posted January 1, 2003. I am the author of the website [Australia] and would be interested in any information on the Gottscher Zwar name. Kevin Zwar.

Posted January 10, 2003. Researching Kren, Perz, Michitsch and Puttre family that lived in Austria. Family relocated to Ridgewood, Middle Village and Brooklyn areas. Need to find Josef Kren who is from #6 Koflern, who married Mary Perz, from Malgren in the US around 1919-20. His father is also Josef Kren and we believe he died in the late 1920s in Koflern. Need some help with this family as well as the other. Other names are Koenig and Erker. That’s about all we know, anybody out there can help?? Rhonda Kren.