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Posted October 22, 202. My grandfather, Michael Juresic was born in 1882 in Krsko, Austro-Hungry of Slovenian descent. He came to America about 1902, had a sister Mary who married a Terlep and a Zagorc. Don’t know of any other Juresic sisters or brothers, but had a half brother named Anton Bogolin born in 1878. He married an Antonette Kadrun in Austro-Hungary and the mother’s name was Annie Skoflance. Wondering if Annie is also my Grandfather’s mother. I know nothing of any other relatives in Yugoslavia from the Juresic side. Margaret. J. Buza.

Posted October 22, 2002. Looking for info on the family of Peter Hrella born June 28, 1873 in Tschernembl. Parents were Joseph and Catherine (Grahek) Hrella. Tom Duffy. tfduffy@centurytel.lnet

Posted October 22, 2002. Trying to research Kreiner in 1821 I have Adam Kreiner having been born in Limberg Germany. Trying to locate his parents and siblings and go back from there. Any help or info.

Posted October 14, 2002. I am looking for info on my father’s side. Paternal: Peter Stonitsch married Josefa Sieder 9/23/1900 in Brooklyn; Peter Stonitsch married Maria Goestel 7/31/1870 in Unterdeutschau; Joannes Stonitsch married Catharina Michelitsch 11/28/1838. Maria Goestel’s parents were Andreas Goestel and Maria Rabuse. Maternal: Josefa Sieder’s parents were Joseph Sieder and Maria Ratschke, amrried on 7/6/1868 in Unterskrill. Joseph’s parents were Mathias Sidar and Ursula Oshanizh. Maria’s parents were Andreas Ratschke and Maria Pirsuh. Any help out there? Pete.

Posted October 14, 2002. I have been trying to find a description of our family coat-of-arms and crest. My maiden name was Sherry Lynn Shadd, but our last name was originally Schadinger. I have discovered that we are originally from the Gottschee Region, but this is all I could find. If anyone knows more about our family history, or has an image or even a description of our family coat-of-arms and crest, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Please contact: Sherry Lynn Lang Senior Graphic Designer/Artist Center for Business and Economic Research The University of Alabama Box 870221 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0221 (205)348-3588, Fax: (205)348-2951

Posted September 9, 2002. My grandparents were from Gottschee, immigrating to US in early 1900, my grandfather was a coal miner. First in Blocton, Alabama area and finally settling in southern Illinois, Johnston City. Maternal Grandfather George Fitz, son of George and Margaretha (Fink) Fitz. Married to Rosalie Agnitsch, daughter of Josef and Agnes (Schober). I have little information on my grandfather Fitz side…anyone out there with some leads? Thanks. Jeanne.

Posted S eptember 8, 2002. Looking for any descendents of my grandfather’s brother John Stimetz, b. 16 May 1886, Osilnica, Austria-Hungary (today Slovenia) D. November 1971 in USA, settled at 60650 Cicero, Cook IL entered Ellis Island on September 13, 1913 as Johann Stimec on Martha Washington ship (from Trieste). I do not know his wife’s name (I suppose she was from Slovenia too!) but their children were: Nick, Josephine, and John as I can see from the picture he sent to my mother. I am trying to trace my family tree, so any help would be appreciated!

Posted August 16, 2002. Hello, I’m Brazilian, my grandmother is from Graz Austria. Her name is Maria Lesjak, and my grandfather’s name is Alois Lesjak. He died in 1998. I want to find someone with my surname. Thank’s a lot.My name is Renata Lesjak Santos Teixeia. My e-mail is

Posted August 16, 2002. I am attempting to locate any information onmy grandfather Victor (Viktor) Budan, his father John (Janoes) Budan and his wife Josefa Zugic. John’s father’s name possibly Martin. Immigration records indicate they came from Podturen (Podturn) in Krain, Austria. John first in 1895 and Victor and Josefa (sister), mother Josefa in 1900. Any help would be gretly appreciated. Thanks you, Lila or

Posted August 16, 2002. I am looking for any information that can help me with my ancestors. Looking for anything on the Flanik, Konte, Kinkopf, or Eppich Families. I know most of them were born in the Gottschee region and came to live in the Cleveland, Ohio area in the late 1800s. Peter Flanik married Sophie Konte and George Kinkopf married Sophie Eppich. I think her middle name is Sophie. Anyone that can help would really be great. I don’t know what village or parish they were all in.

Posted August 16, 2002. I am looking for any information on Andreas Brinskelle born 1834 from Gottschee, married either Josephine or Johanna Stalzer (can’t make out the first name from the documents) Brinskelle, Joseph Brinskelle, Johann Brinskelle, Andreas Brinskelle, Heinrich Brinskelle. I have information 5 generations below that Andreas Brinskelle born 1834. Thanks for any information! Jeff

Posted July 16, 2002. I am looking for anyone who shares these surnames, Paulitsch, Michelitsch,
Poje, Vesel, Wessel, Peinitsch. All are from the Gottschee area. My grandparents came to U.S. in early 1900s but their parents stayed in Austria. I would like to know what happened to them? Also any other family members. I have limited information but willing to share what I know. Thank you. Linda Paulitch.

Posted July 1, 2002. I am looking for any descendants of Ludwig and Sophia Kump. Ludwig came to the USA in 1899 and married Sophia between 1900 and 1910, and lived on Floyd Street in Brooklyn, NY. He may also have had a brother Mathias also living in Brooklyn. Marilu Peschel Thurman.

Posted June 21, 2002. I am sending in this request for my mother, Peggy Kump Beall. She is trying to locate anyone with knowledge of her grandparents. Her grandfather was Joe Kump and he was born in Mitterdorf in 1873. Her grandmother was Rose Erker and she was born in approx. 1879. their son (her father) was August Kump, and he was born in Piper, Alabama in 1907. If anyone knows of these people’s lineage or would like information on them please e-mail me at and I will get in touch with my mother. Thank you in advance for any help. J.B.Beall.

Posted June 18, 2002. Subject: Franz Fink born in Pollandl 30 May 1849. I have a picture of Franz Fink that matches the one on his headstone in Nesseltal. In the picture is a woman, 2 boys and one girl. The girl is said to be my wife’s great grandmother who married a Troje. The youngest is probably the boy buried with Franz. Does anyone know the history of this and if anyone wants to see the picture it can be viewed at (Derrick Hoyt)

Posted June 5, 2002. Does anyone know any information regarding Ferdinand Maichin, born October 2, 1914 in Altsag, Gemeide Tschermoschnitz. Served in the German army as a cannonier in fieldpost #21.003, or of any relatives. We recently investigated our family tree and it appears that we may be related. Please email or Thank you.

Posted May 19, 2002. I am looking for any relatives of the Jelenc Family. My great-grandmother was Gertrude Jelenc. She married Dr. Bernhard Gottlieb in 1893. Afterwards they moved to Steyr, Upper Austria where they lived until their death. If you know anything about them you can contact me via email.

Posted May 2, 202. I am looking for Maria Brinskelle, born 12 August 1920 in Skrill, Gottschee, near Stockendorf. She’s the daughter of Franz Brinskelle and Franziska Bole who were married in 1919. A Gottscheer cousin remembers her married name is Koch and last address known was Dortmund, Germany. My grandmother was her father’s sister Rosi.

Posted April 28, 2002. I am seeking the surnames of Jaklic and Snorsnik. My grandfather was Jerry Jaklic b. August 1886 Austria. My grandmother was Ursula Snorsnik b. ca 1887 Prague, Austria. I was told that the name Jaklic was of Gottschee origin. They married in the USA (Rawlins, WY) in 1911 and had two children: James and Angela. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted April 28, 2002. Looking for Rabuse family from Gottschee. My granfather was Richard Rabuse who was already in Germany by the 1920s. Margo.

Posted April 10, 2002. Searching for Maierle and Jonke connections. Great grandmother Elizabeth Jonke married Geoge Maierle in the late 1850s. They lived in Durnbach. Sons George, my grandfather, and Franz came to US in late 1880s. Anybody out there have any more connections?

Posted March 30, 2002. Is anyone able to tell me if the Unterdeutschau Parish was ever called by another parish name in the 1800s or earlier? Thanks for your help. Carolyn.

Posted March 30, 2002. Researching my mother’s family line, Motichek and Yancik. Jacob Motichek, born May 1856 in Ravne Austro-Hungary, immigrated to US (Baltimore, Maryland) sometime in the 1880s. He had a wife (name unkown) and a son Aloysis. He later married Mary Yancik, also from Ravne, who immigrated in 1897. Mike.

Posted March 24, 2002. I would like to know if someone may be of help to me. I am having a lot of trouble finding information of when two of my husband’s grandparents (all four grandparents are from Gottschee) came to this country. I know they came in the early 1900s and should have gone through Ellis Island but have not been able to find anything on their arrival. My question is…does anyone know if there were Gottscheers who arrived in Canadian Ports? I do know that they had a few relatives in Canada. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sue Jonke.

Posted March 2, 2002. We are reseawrching to find information on a Marija (Mary) Poje, born in Gottschee, Austria in 1885. We think her parents are George and Marija Poje. She married a John Novak in Cleveland, Ohio and then later married Anton Kuhar in Cleveland, Ohio. Also, If you have any information to help us, please contact us at on this subject. *She came to Ellis Island, NY on November 11, 1900 as we have been told. Thank you Donald E. Kuhar.

Posted March 8, 2002. Hello, I am lookking for anyone in USA with the last name Rutar, Rutter or Ruter, who has any information about Rafael and Peter (brothers) Rutar (Rutter or Ruter). They left Osilnica/ Kocevja/Slovenia (Austria-Hungary) and migrated to USA about year 1920. Thanks and feel free to email me in the case you have any info!

Posted March 8, 2002. Looking for any relatives of my grandparents, Frank Pantar and Johanna Vessel, Pantar who migrated to USA in 1906 from village of Podpreska, Slovenia.

Posted March 8, 2002. Looking for family members of Agnes Kotnik from the Onek area in 1904-1929. Her two brothers names are Louis and Anton. Maybe a sister named Angela. Contact me at

Posted March 8, 2002. I have information concerning the Konte family at Gottschee, Austria and Canon City, Colorado. I am trying to establish link to the Blatnik Family tree. Michael Blatnik.

Posted March 8, 2002. Please add the following surname: Schemitsch, Underdeutschau, Saderz 12, The posting is for my G. Grandmother, Maria Schemitsch. Also Verderber, Unterdeutschau, Sadrez 11, My g. grandmother Maria Schemitsch married Johan Verderber. Thanks you so much. Carolyn S. Cecil Lincoln, IL.

Posted March 8, 2002. Looking for information on Alois Mihelic (3.25.81) and Magdalena Jaklic (6.16.85) of Mittendorf.

Posted February 2, 2002.I’m looking for anyone knowing the whereabouts of the family of Heinrich Schaffer born 1908 or 03 in Otterbach. He left in the resettlement. His mother’s name was Elizabeth, his father Josef Schaffer. Also the family of Josefa Schaffer Skiber born 2/2/1888 in Otterbach. Her husband Johann Skiber and 5 known children Josefa, Johann, Albina, Alfred and Frederika born 1913 to 1929. All born in Otterbach. Please contact me, I would love to hear about this part of the family. Ask for Candy at

Posted January 18, 2002. I am looking for living descendants from both John Juran b. 1878 in Wretzen #15, Tschermoschnitz (son of George Juran and Agnes Krische). He married Josefa Rom b. 1889, Untertappelwerch #1, Tschermoschnitz (daughter of Johann Rom and Maria Schauer). Also people from the name Krische, Honigmann. My husband’s grandparents were Franz Krische and Maria Honigmann. great greatparnets: (Franz Krische)…Johann Krische and Anna Spreizer (Maria Honigmann)…Peter Honigmann and Anna Golobic. It can sure get confusing…it is one big peasoup. We are a whole bunch up here in BC Canada. Please email to

Posted January 12, 2002. I am looking for any relatives of the Eisenzopf Family. My grandfather’s anme is John Eisenzopf born Feb. 28, 1898 in Austria. He had 3 brothers Ferdinand, Joef, Franz and a sister named Maria. You can contact me via email at

Posted January 12, 2002. Searching for any information on the Trocha family from the small village of Grandorf. Johann married an Elizabeth Christmeister in the early 1800s. Their son Mihal (Michael) born June 15, 1838 married Anna Elisabeth Krestman or Krimansky. Michael and fmaily immigrated to PA then to Ohio in 1900 and 1903. Cannot find anything on John and other fmaily. Darlen.

Posted January 6, 2002. I am seeking some information on the Stritzel family who lived in Wretzen in Yugoslavia before the 2nd world war. Any information on the area would be most grateful. Email to:

Posted January 5, 2002. I am the daughter of Andrew Joseph Schneider (1917-1997 Cleveland, Ohio). My name is Anne Marie Schneider. I am doing gen. on my family and have run into a wall of sorts. If anyone can contact me with information concerning: Andrew Joseph Schneider (my grandfather b. 1887-d.1924, b. Malgern, Austria Hungary; d. Cleveland, OH). Any family history at all would be valuable! Also Frank Fink (b. 1863 Langington A_H, d. 1945 Cleveland) any family history as well. Please contact me via email:

QUERIES for the year 2001 and for October, November, and December 2000

The following entries do not have a posting date. The Query page was created on October 15, 2000. Therefore, the following entries begin with queries from December 2001 back to the first queries of October 2000.

I am looking for family and village information about the towns of Skrill and Sporeben in Gottschee. My grandmother Rosi Brinskelle came from Skrill to the USA in 1912. Her uncle Johann Spreitzer came about 1905 and he and his family settled in Brooklyn and then Glendale, NY. He and his wife had 3 sons Frank, John and ?. Please let me know if you have any leads for these families and towns. Thans! Sue Freudenberg.

My name is Richard Krajec. My wife’s mother’s name was Josephine Hoge. Her brother’s name is John. Both were born in the USA. Their father’s name is John. His wife (their mother – name unknown) died young and he remarried (name unknown). She had a child by a previous marriage. John and his second wife had four children (Edward, Eleanor, Helen and Robert). All were born in the USA. Most of the family was in Ohio, although we think Robert is in California. John had 7 siblings (George, Mary, Joseph, Herman, Rudolph, Helen and Anton). This all we really know about them. Any help would be appreciated. Richard Krajec.

Looking for family history of my wife’s grandmother: Magdalena Schneider (could be Magda Elena) from Malgern village in Gottschee. She emigrated to USA at age 16 (about 1888), first to Hesperus and Ouray in Colorado, then to Gallup, New Mexico Territory; married Josef Schauer, probably from Altlag village in Gottschee, after settling in USA. Had brother Josef Schneider who movedto Graz, Austria in the 30s or 40s. Her father’s name was Josef Schneider also.

Hello again, does anyone have any info on Stefi Kramaritsch or Kosler, born 1910 in Gottschee. Believe she married Joseph Kosler and went to U.S. around age 21. She is buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you,Ginny Notaro.

Mayerle (or Maierle) from Durnbach. Came to California in late 1800s. Looking for info on ancestors or siblings of Georg and Franz Maierle.

Does any Gottscher have a Joannes (Johan) Petsche possible listed in their obscure notes? My great great grandfather Joannes Petsche born 9 Feb 1788 married Maria Rom from Bistriz #2 near Tschernembl on 2 June 1809. I would like to get suggestions on which villages to check without going thru them all. Thank you.

Would appreciate any help locating parents of Franz Ruppe, born 31 Dec. 1890 in Kocevje, Austria. Franz immigrated to N.Y. circa 1908 and had a step-brother Josef Kropf. Franz married in N.Y., Maria Kramaritsch who was born in Gottschee, Austria, 17 May 1891. Maria’s parents were Alois Kramaritsch and Maria Kropf. Would like to hear from anyone researching these names or have any good sources to share. Thank you. Richard V. Notaro.

I have a Maria Peschel who came here in 1902 and she listed Ludwig Kump from Oberdeutschau as her contact in New York. He came here in 1899, so I am wondering if she married him when he got here. Am hoping to hear from someone in his family with information. Marilu.

I am searching for information or relatives of Barbara Heckli/Hekli, Johann Pospischil, Magdalena Stutz, Anton Leicht, Helena Gartner, Apolina Merda, Anton Meckler, Anna and Emma Meckler. Any information will be well received. Thank you.

I am interested in getting any information about my ancestor from Gottschee and have come to America. My grandfather was Simon Roschitsch and married Maria Wittreich Roschitsch, they had three children Marya, Josef and Johann. The children came to America in 1909 with relatives Zekoll and Wittreich. But I have not been able to trace my grandparents at all, maybe someone can give me some information as to where I can look or if they have some information that can set me in the right direction. Marion. My e-mail address is

Am searching for relatives of Joseph Hutter and Gertrude Hoefferle from Altlag Austria. To America at turn of century. 3 children Henry, Maria, Sophia came at separate intervals. All lived in Alliance, Ohio. Henry married Alice Doohan and lived in PA have some research from Austria. Wish to share info and photos, etc. Alanna.

I am looking for any information on my ancestors. My family obtained a lot of help 3 years ago from the Gottscheer web sites and association. My brother and I had to stop because of the illness and subsequent death of my mother. Here is what I have thus far: Andreas Hiris (b.27 Nov 1817 village of Schaflein #1) married Ursula Kump (b.29 April 1824) they were my GGGrandparents. Children: Maria, Gertrud, Margaret, Ursula, Andreas (m. Maria Schuster of Warmberg #2 and inherited Schaflein #1), Catherine, Josefus, Magdalena, Johann and Matthias (my GGrandfather). Parents of Andreas were Johann Hiris and Ursula Stalzer. Also Andreas Hiris was from Taubenbrunn #3. Ursula Kump’s parents were Martin Kump and Maria Rom. I also know son Mathias (b. 18 June 1871 Schaflein #1) married Josefa Roschitsch (b. 18 January 1875 Warmberg #3) whose parents were Mathias Roschitsch and Ursula Maurin (Movrin). Am interested in any information anyone may have. Jeff and Marilyn.

Searching for information on: Bachmaier, Bric, Britz, Jersin, Jonke, Kinchich, Klemencic, Tekavec, Yonke. Jim Britz.

I am a great-grandaughter of two Gottscheers. My gt-grandmother, Gertgrud Schauer (maiden name) Schauer (married name) is from Kuntschen and my gt-grandfather, Yanez Schauer is from Altsag. I would like to find out about their children as well as their parental information as far back as I can go! Unfortunately, I have not been able to find more than locations on a map. My mother is an only child as am I. So, we do not have a lot of resouces between us. Any information to help me along searching for genealogical information would be MORE than greatly appreciated! Thank you! Krista Hanna.

I am looking for links in Gottschee for my grandfather, Richard Samide and my grandmother Josefa Tschampa. He arrived in Ellis Island at age 17 in 1912 from Malgern, Austria and my grandmother arrived in 1910, age 14, from Grafenfeld, Austria. Her sister arrived in 1917. Any direction or help would be appreciated. Michael Samide.

I am trying to find anyone who may have some information on the Kraker or Jaksha families. I was told that this surname was found in Gottschee. This is my ggrandfather and ggrandmother. Matthew and Mary Jaksha-Kraker. I have been told she was from Poland. Any info would help. Thanks. Judy.

I have been told that Struge Krajnska Austria is in Gotschee? Is this true? My grandmother Josephine Sporar was born here in 1879. Her parents were Joseph Sporar and Lucija Rus. I checked the surname listing, but did not find either of these surnames. Can you give me any information. Thank you for your help.

I am looking for information on the towns of my grandparents, Grafenfeld and Unterschwalpbach, as stated on the Ellis Island records. Also the surnames Milewitsch, Gerbitz, Wolf. Thanks in advance and please contact:

Erker family from Windischdorf, Austria. Windischdorf present-day Slovenska vas, Slovenia. My grandmother was Magdalena Erker b. 15 Feb. 1895 in Windischdorf. Her father was Joseph (Josef) Erker and her mother was Magdalena Tscherme (or spelling could be Tscherne). My grandmother, Magdalena, came to the US aboard the USS President Lincoln thru Ellis Island on October 8, 1913 at the age of 18. She arrived with her brother, Alois (age 16) known as Louis to us; and her sister, Josefa (age 31) known as Sophie. I’ve been told my great-grandparents had 10 children in Windischdorf. Besides my grandmother, Magdalena and the two siblings who arrived to the USA with her, there was Joseph, Mary, Theresa, Fanny, Franz, and Pauline. Not sure if I have the names of siblings correct and don’t know the 10th name.If anyone has any connections to this family I would appreciate hearing from you. Please send email to

I am trying to locate any family left in Trava, Draga? My great grandmother, Marija Poje Mihelic Pajnic was from Podpreska Draga. This is my grandmother’s mother. My grandmother was Julia Amelia Mihelic Paulitch. Their address was Podpreska 36, Jlupmlja:Draga JI upmlja may be wrong spelling for this document is old and worn. This document is from 1909 which is just before they came to us. My gr grandmother was born June 18, 1872. I woudlove to talk to anyone who knows this area or the family. I am new to the search and feel like a fish out of water! Thank you. Linda Paulitch

Looking for information on Oto Bruno Luscher. b. December 4, 1862 in Alsace Lorraine, his father Anton Luscher, b. ? Location? Death? Location?, spouse unknown. TY. Susan Bushinski

I am looking for the parents of Aloisia Hutter b. 21/4/1859 in Wetzlesdorf, Feldbach, Austria. She is my G-G Grandmother. She married in 1885 to a Josef Kanus, b.1861. I am also looking for his parents and the parents of my Grandfather Anton Weinhandl, B.1861 {yes it is not an error, both born only 2 months apart, my gfather, older than my g-gfather? Hope anyone can help..Sue Walker, England.

I am looking for anyone with connections to Hohenberg #10. Altlag #4 and Neulag #7 especially during the years 1830-1900. Thanks Patricia.

I am starting to research my Sterbenz family. Michael Sterbenz b. 10 Oct 1815 in the Ljubljana Diocese, married Maria/Mary Persche b. 26 Aug 1810 in Ljubljana Diocese, had a son named Michael John Sterbenz b. 10 Apr 1839 and baptized in the Altenmarkt Parish near Polland? Pollandl? Michael John was married to a Maria/Mary Persche on 6 May 1863 in the Altenmarkt Parish near Polland (?) maybe Pollandl, Lubljana Diocese. Michael John lived at at Unterwadanze and Maria lived at 22 Oberwadanz. Maria’s parents names were Paul Persche and Margaretha Dadde, they were deceased by 1863. Paul and Margaretha also had a daughter named Margaretha Persche b. in Lubljana Diocese and was married to Matt Maurine they had two daughters and came to the US. Michael, wife Maria, daughter Mary, son Michael John, his wife Maria, and their son also named Michael John came to the US in June 1865. The younger Michael John’s brother was my grandfather, Joseph Peter Sterbenz. Does anyone have information on this family? Thank you.

I am interested in corresponding with descendants of my grandfather’s siblings born at Ribnik 6 near Tschermoschnitz. In particular, I have not been able to locate descendants of: George Schmuck b. 10 April 1867, Josefa Schmuck (m. Grill?) b. 29 March 1873, and Agnes Schmuck ( m Schmidt?) b 7 May 1876. All three emigrated to the USA (supposedly Cleveland, OH area) between 1898 and 1908. Any help would be appreciated. Plesa contact me at:

I am interested in finding information on my grandmothers family. Her name is Albina (Alma) Butschar. Her father’s name was Franz Butschar. Her mother’s maiden name was Aloisia Spreitzer born 9/3/1895 Died 8/5/1920. Please contact me at

I am researching the following Gottscheer Surnames: Schmuck, Erker, Brinskelle, Stalzer, Kump, Matzelle, Wittine, and Seeman. I have exchanged correspondence with many through this site, but had lot touch for a while during the latter half of my pregnancy, and would now like to reorganize and continue, and possibly validate that which I have so far. I will relate the furthest that I have so far and where I am stuck. SCHMUCK: Johan Schmuck b. 5/12/1741, Ribnig #2, m.1/23/1769 Maria Matzelle b. 10/24/1748, Gatchen. John’s parents are Mathias b. @1722 andAgens? Maria’s parents are Johan and Maria?
BRINSKELLE: Agnes Brinskelle b. 1/19/1771, Sporeben #8, m. 1/28/1788 Johan Schmuck (son of above Johan). Parents Johan b. @1751 and Agnes?
STALZER: Jacob Stalzer b. 3/28/1751 Untertappelwerch #7, m. 2/3/1784 Margaretha Kump b, 7/12/1761, Gehack. Jacob’s parents are Andreas b. @1731, Untertappelwerch #7 and Maria? Margaretha’s parents are Michael b. @ 1741 and Maria?
ERKER: Rose Erker b. 3/30/1903, Reig, m. 2/11/1922 John Scmuck b. 7/13/1894 (gg-grandchild of about Johan) Rose’s parents were Joseph (no known data) and Magdelena Wittine b. 5/12/1870, Reig. Magdelena’s parents were John b. @ 1850 and Helene Seeman.
Many of you have helped me reach this point, and for that I give thanks. I have heard and/or vaguely remember people mentioning leads on some of these branches, and am trying to see if I can substantiate what I have and what I might think I have. If anyone is researching any of these names as well or might know something more, please contact me.

Anyone researching these names.
John Glatz b. 1872 Klindorf Austria, house of Urban. d. Toledo, Ohio
Marie Hutter b. 1876 or 1878 Gottschee Austria-house of Basch d. Toledo OH. please contact Carlene.

I search many years about my ancestors who emigrated from Germahy to Blumenau, South of Brazil. But I also research about the family of my Uncle Paulo Mayerle (before Majerle). His father Paul came from Majerle to Joinville, 150 km from Blumenau. Can someone help me to find more about them? Marcos Schroeder.

Would like some help concerning probably Gottsscheers that I run into when surfing the net. For instance, I was looking for a Mathias Kump and ran into three or so Mathias Kumps that most likely came from Gottschee. One was on a ship from Le Harve, France along with four other Gottscher names. The ages were listed so I could figure out approximate birthdates. Another was found in the Holy Family Krain Cemetery in Washington state. A birthdate was listed. Still another was listed in a directory for 1889 in Brookly with wife named Louise (?? Aloisia). Sometimes I have information on them in my file but sometimes I don’t. This information may be useful to somebody even if I can’t place it. Jim Heimann

I am trying to locate my grandfather’s village. Rudolph Paulitsch dob. March 22, 1887. I have very little information but do know he was from Obergras. If you have any information on this family please e-mail me. Thank you.

Looking for Gottscheers who lived in Kapfenberg Lager 5 between 1951 and 1956. My sister was there and would like to communicate with others from that time and area. She sang with the kinderchor under the direction of Ella Roethel.

I am searching for information about Joseph2 Tramposch (Gregori Tramposch)1 was born March 21, 1825 in Nesseltal #16 Gottschee, Austria1, and died January 11, 1898 in Nesseltal #16, Gottschee, Austria1. He married (1) Maria Stonitsch September 18, 1854 in Nesseltal Parish, Austria, daughter of Mathias Stonitsch and Gertrud Kraker. She was born August 07, 1837 in Nesseltal #2, Gottschee, Austria and died April 03, 1859. He married (2) Maria Kobetitsch on 1 July 14, 1862 in Nesseltal Parish, Austria1, daughter of Jakob Kobetitsch and Maria Rankel. She was born October 06, 1843 in Altfriesach #17, Nesseltal, Gottschee, Austria, and died November 25, 1911 in Nesseltal #16, Gottschee, Austria. His oldest daughter, Elizabeth (Kizzy or Alosia) is my great grandmother. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patty.

I am looking for my great-grandmother’s family. She was from Hohenberg or Gottschee and her name was Mary Magdalena Fink born 1875. Her father’s name was Joseph Perz and she married a Herbst was widowed and then remarried a Markovitz and then settled in Cleveland Ohio USWA. Does this ringa bell with anyone? Thanks Patricia.

Hi, my name is Mickey. My sister and I are tracing family from Schalkendorf. Family name is Knoespler or Knespler or Knospler. Also the name Kump on our grandmother’s side. The time period would be middle to late 1800s. The family settled in Ridgewood, Bklyn., NY. Any info would be appreciated Thanks! Contact Mickey at

I am trying to find my grandfather who was born in Struge. His name was Gregor Hegler. His parents are John Hegler and Mary Pugell. He was born 12 March 1897 in Carniola Austria per his US Social Security Act application. Help!! I do not know where else to look. Jean.

I am seeking information about any known source for military records of Gottscheers who served in the Austrian army during the mid 1800s. Please contact Tom Hutter.

I am interested in finding more information on the family of Andrew Spreitzer (born March 8, 1867/ died August 2, 1943). His parents were Stephan and Agnes Spreitzer. Siblings were Frank, John, and Mary. Andrew came to the US and eventually settled in Aurora, Illinois. He married Margaret McVicker in 1890. Any information on Spreitzer family members would be greatly appreciated. Andrew was my great-grandfather. Please contact Judy Killian.

I would like to trace the Hoge family, the parents of Georgius in particular, born on April 4, 1801. I have Georgius and his wife Maria Samide, born Sept. 18, 1803, of Altbacher going forward. I don’t know where he was born, since I can’t find him earlier in Altbacher. Contact Ron Rutar at

I’m interested in finding the Gottscheer ancestors/siblings of Johann Matzelle b. 3/19/1876 in Wretzen #11, Tschermoschnitz, Gottschee, who m. Rosalia Hiris in 1898 in Joliet, Illinois. She was b. 5/25/1876 in Taubenbrunn #1, Nesseltal, Gottschee. I have data to share. Merle Mentzer at

I would like to know how I might learn more about my grandfather Karl Uckmann (Uchmann?). He was from the city of Leibach. He emigrated to the US after WWI. He served in the Austrian Cavalry as an officer. I believe the surname spelling may have been changed from Uchmann. I believe he had a brother who died on the Turkish front in WWI. I am the last of the line and would dearly like to know moare about that side of my family tree. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me. Richard Uckmann.

I recently learned that my great-grandmother’s maiden name was Kienp. I have already found other ancestors surnames – Poje and Wittreich on the list from Gottschee. Any information appreciated on the Kienp name. Kay Balcerzak.

I am looking for Springer/Agnitsch from Hinterberg. Stampfel from Reig Parish (Hinterberg I think). Kofler/Lackner Stimpfl from Katzendorf/Hohenegg. Putre/Hutter from Hinterberg and Putre form Oberskrill. I have a family trees to the late 1700s if anyone is interested. I also have Tramposch, Eisenzopf, Weiss, Witine (& more) in my family tree. Hope to hear from you. Deena.

Seeking information on Mathyas Scholar and Maria Catharina Strauss, married late 1860s in Krain.

I’m trying to trace Blasius Kohlweiss, born 6-26-1853. He married Maria Svetisch (born 7-16-1856 in Krapfenfeld 42, Krain), but they did not get married in the Gottschee Parish nor was he born there. They did return there to live after they had 2 children. Any suggestions? Trudy Flanagan, their granddaughter.

Any info on the Grills from Warmberg? Contact Fred Havron at

Anyone with information on Josef, Johann, Mary, Pauline, Floranc, or Heinrich Schaffer, ages 1877 to 1903. Or Josef Schaffer and Mary Vogrin married about 1875. Possibly from Otterbach. Contact Candy Sanders.

I would like to be in contact with other families who trace their lineage back to Schalkendorf. Please contact me at